Justin Tadlock

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Date of birth
1 May, 1984
Auburn, Alabama, USA

The Individual

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  1. Wilco
    Wilco Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I came across your blog and noticed that you have some book review type of posts going on every now and then. Because of this I thought that you might be interested in a website I recentely developed. As you may know its incredibly difficult to get a website off the ground – so I hope you don’t mind my e-mail….

    My website is managethings.com – it lets you manage your book, movie and music collection for free. On top of that it also includes a basic bibliography tool.

    The aim of the website is to make managing your media collections easier. It provides a simple, intuitive, search function that lets you search for your media. One click is required to add a book to library, after which you can customize your entry with notes, rating, and other information.

    I think this website would be great for a book lover like yourself and am essentially hoping that you would devote a blog post to this. I would be thrilled to provide you with more information on the website and hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you for consideration,


  2. Sara M. Flack
    Sara M. Flack Published |

    Hey Justin! Happy Birthday! I was writing the date in a chart this morning and said, “Hey, it’s Justin’s birthday!” 🙂 I hope it’s wonderful!


  3. Ricardo
    Ricardo Published |

    Hey Justin,

    great blog you have here.

    I’ve read your post at weblogstoolcollection and I’ve noticed your wp-themes page. It looks great! Could you please tell me also how to make my theme page look like that? Maybe you’r releasing a plugin or so.

    Sorry to write here, but I dont know where to find your e-mail adress 🙂 There is no Contact Page.


  4. CF
    CF Published |

    Hello J Tadlock – read your posts after viewing your theme. i think it’s great you’re teaching english abroad. i am too! in Thailand…the pay is terrible – wish i had read your post before coming here (deposit, plane ticket, etc…all on us! even renewing visa!)….

    thanks, where did you get your theme development, plugin skills from blogging for so little time???

    finally, i hope you do become a successful writer. i ‘skipped out’ on journalism school – grad school, why i’m here with fewer alternatives – it appears with techie skills you could land admin in some SE Asian or other Asian, etc…country.

    thanks again for the theme…

  5. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Just happened to visit your site today as it was mentioned in a WordPress Devleoper’s class I’m taking. Noticed that this happens to be your birthday today, so “Happy Birthday!” and thanks for sharing the information here.


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