Justin Tadlock

Monday, October 18, 2004

Up late again. I told myself that I was not going to stay up past 12:00 tonight, but I still am. I checked out PHP & MySQL For Dynamic Web Sites from the library tonight. I really started getting into it. I learned how to run my own forms tonight! So, Yay! I haven’t gotten into the database stuff tonight, but hopefully, I’ll pick up some of that later this week. I plan on, eventually, running my own forum, made by me. That’s my goal for right now. I’m sure PHP can do much more than that. I’m really excited about learning this stuff. I’ve tried before, but it wasn’t structured. I was just picking up a few things over the net. I’ve got to go to bed now though.

Website Updates…I added some new art earlier today. Not much else, not that I can think of. The script for Highland is coming closer to being finished. I worked on a really good scene Saturday. I’m really pushing myself for time though. I plan on having the full rough draft finished by this weekend. Anyways, off to bed I go…