Justin Tadlock

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Once again…Not in bed on time. But I’m working on getting there a little bit earlier each night. The past day has been kind of rough. I spent 3 hours trying to figure out my Java programs I had to finish, and just couldn’t do it. So, I totally screwed that up. Well, lucky for me, we have new projects due every week. So my grade won’t be drastically hurt. After that, I finished off the rough draft of the movie script. Not much else going on though. Most of the night I spent my time finding free music to use, possibly for Highland. I actually found a great website. Free Play Music has some great stuff. And possibly some things I may be able to use. Anyways, I should finish up this little blog…Until next time…

Highland Updates…The finished rough draft of the script should be up within a day or so. For now, I posted up a 2nd unfinished rough draft in the pre-production section. Well…I think that’s about it.