Saturday, November 20, 2004

I know…I know…I’ts been a few days. But, I just got through with Buffy The Vampire Slayer 7th Season on DVD Wednesday night. I hope to give a full review of the set in the Forum sometime soon. Then, I’ve been…Well…Being lazy, I guess. No excuse for not blogging. Tomorrow, well today now, is the big day! The Auburn vs Alabama football game! All we have to do is beat the Tide and win the SEC Championship. Then there’s a good chance that the Tigers will be playing for the title game! Anyways, I’m pretty sleepy. I’ve got to work in the morning at ten o’clock, so I’ll be needing some sleep. It’s only a two-hour shift. Yep, I’m lazy. I can go to work for that kind of shift on a few hours sleep. But, I also have to be prepared for the game tomorrow. There’s been no updates as of late. That will change fairly soon. Been lots of kinds of busy with school, work, and Buffy. Anyways, I’m off to dream of Championship games…

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