Monday, November 15, 2004

Wow…It’s been quiet a few days since I last laid my words of wisdom down in some random file on the net. But, I’m here now. Still not much time though. I’ve been very busy with tests and papers and programs in the last few days. And I actually have to finish my World Lit I essay tonight, after work. Well, pretty much just type it up. And, of course, I’ve had a great weekend with the Auburn / Georgia game! 24 – 6! Take that you Georgia Bulldogs’ fans! And anybody else who’s doubted the best team in the nation this year! Not too get too ahead of myself, we still have Alabama this coming Saturday, and then the SEC championship later on. If we win out, there will be no denying us a shot at the title game. Anyways, I haven’t really updated lately, but soon I will have updates aplenty. After tonight, I’ll only have 4 days left before school is out for the Thanksgiving holiday break. And I’ll have ample time to do a little bit on this site. But, until then…

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