Justin Tadlock

Tuesday, February 1, 2oo5

Well…It’s a brand new month. A month of love and ummm…well, not for me. Just school and work for me. Another typical month. It’s been two days in a row that I’ve gotten guestbook messages from people advertising job websites. People! People! This is not a place to advertise your business sites. But, by all means advertise you personal website. Other than that, it’s a no-go.

I just got through watching Angel: Season 2 episode Trial. I was chatting it up on the message board that I freqent, Kryptonsite, on the Angel thread. And I just had a sudden urge to watch one of the Darla episodes (pre-vampire). I rather enjoy watching those old episodes. It brings back very fond memories. But, guess what! Angel: Season 5 is coming out on DVD in two weeks! Two Weeks! That’s February 14! I have yet to see Season 5, so it’s going to be an awesome week for me watching through the last and final chapter of the entire Buffyverse. Though, I have heard rumors of a possible Angel movie in the works. But, for now, it looks like it’s not happening. Maybe some good news will come someday for us avid Buffy & Angel fans. Anyways, I’m off to bed here in a few minutes. So, until a new day…