Sunday, May 8, 2005

Good Morning All! I’m now officially 21 years and 1 week old! I’m pretty much here to just say I’m updating the site. Well, I’m updating this here little blog spot. I’m trying some new things, especially since I don’t want to use wordpress or any other pre-generated script for holding my blogs. Really, I just don’t want to fool around and dig through all the code to make it flow with my webdesign. So, here I am, fixing up a new thing for myself. I came up with a good categorization idea, but it’ll take some work since I know next to nothing about databases. It’s going to all be done by just including files with php. I think I’ve made it simple enough to keep organized to where I won’t go mad in a matter of days over the thing. Hopefully, I’ll pick up a few tricks here and there and fix it up to my liking over time. It’s not like anyone reads this little useless thing anyways. Okay. That’s my cue to go work on this thing some more. So until I blog again…

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