Old Blogs

I’ve started indexing my old blog files!!! Yeah, like that’s the most exciting news you’ve heard today. Well, it may just be some of the most exciting news of my day. I have blogs dating back to 2003, back when I didn’t have this little nifty Wordpress package. It definitely helps keep things under control. Luckily wordpress allows you to change the time stamp on your posts. So, I can go in and post, then just change the time to the time the blog was originally written. I figured, if I index one or two of my old blogs a day, I can finish within the next year or so! Okay, I may never get finished. That job would get a bit to tedious for me. But, I may get through the 2005 posts before I finally give up. I don’t know. Only time will tell. Lots of time. But until then…

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