Delirium, School, & Opera


1. A temporary state of mental confusion and fluctuating consciousness resulting from high fever, intoxication, shock, or other causes. It is characterized by anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions, and incoherent speech.
2. A state of uncontrolled excitement or emotion

I think I may be truly experiencing this. Once again, I’m up well past my bedtime (like I actually have a bedtime). I’ve been sitting, here at my disheveled computer desk in my old leather chair stairing at my laptop for hours, looking at various websites. Why? I have no idea. It’s beyond my comprehension, at least at this point.


I can no longer say that Gresham is mad. I did make an 84 on my Gothic paper from last week (just got it back today). This is the first grade that I’ve made that wasn’t an 80. I’ve had straight 80’s, across the board, on everything I’ve done in that class up until now. Maybe he’s a still a little mad. And let me remind you why. He assigned 247 pages to read this week! 247! Okay, that’s not too crazy. I’ve just been a bit weighed down with reading for The Gothic, Contemporary British Lit, and Modern Drama every week. Then I have to keep up with my writing (plus a little reading) in Advanced Composition. It’s just so overwhelming. And maybe, just maybe, I am frustrated a little more this week because I’ve been sick. Good thing that’s clearing up. That’s enough of school talk. I’m doing away with that until tomorrow.


Now on to site stuff. I have been reorganizing laboriously tonight; well…before I got to looking at random sites. I think I bookmarked about 20 of them. Oh yeah, on to site stuff. Basically, I’ve done nothing new outside of the internal structure of this useless bit of memory on the web. So, what I’m saying is, that you (the viewer) can’t see what I have worked so hard at putting together. But, I will be doing some more stuff that will be visible to my audience in the next few days. I did, however, in my project to make this site compliant with all browsers try out the Opera browser today. There’s only one problem: the footer separates itself some 100 pixels or so from the rest of the content, hanging down at the bottom of the page. It’s downright lunacy! That’s what it is.


Anyways, I think I may be off to bed. Maybe I’ll get in my good-solid-nourishing 4 hours of shuteye.


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  1. Kevin Myrick
    Kevin Myrick Published |

    Hey man! Love your site. I checked my comments this morning and said “Justin Tadlock? OH right! Class!” And came here, and yeah. This is pretty cool. I like the plantlike look and the greens. It works well.

    Keep up the excellent writing. If you wanna catch me online, IM me at revkevradiodj on AIM.



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