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  1. jr
    jr Published |

    You’re a gifted writer. Good luck with the rest of your novel

  2. greenshady
    greenshady Published |

    Thanks for the comment. I’m hoping to finish the novel with flying colors or with flying something or something colorful! Anyways, keep checking back and see where the novel takes its turns and such.

  3. leslie
    leslie Published |

    I’m impressed….I was on facebook, who would have thought? and hit your link to this. Being a huge fan of literature in any form, this was so interesting to me and I have much respect for your literary talent. I was almost an English major myself…

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thank you Leslie. I’m about to start this novel back up with my extra time this summer. I think it is at around 20,000 words right now. I hope to add another 60,000 or so by the time fall semester starts up.

    I’m trying to think here. It just occurred to me that you might be Leslie Owens. I figured you were since you found my site through facebook. Or are you just some random “Leslie” that popped in?


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