7 Compatible Skins

I should start off like I do almost every day. I’m up past my bedtime, because I somehow cannot make myself get underneath the covers at a decent hour. There, that’s out of the way.

I have came a long way in reconstructing all of my skins. In two days, I have fixed 6 different skins. Well, the first 2 only needed a little tweaking. But, the other 4 needed a full-blown operation (for lack of a better phrase). Now I have 7 skins that work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Netscape; and all the site is 100% Valid XHTML. Here is a list of the seven eight working skins.

If there are any problems with any of these please Contact Me. There’s been a lot of coding in the last 2 days (and still more to come), and the likelihood of errors is greater, even if I have been very careful. Most of the errors would probably be CSS related.

Anyways, I’m off to bed, like always. I have to be ready to make a yard beautiful for Mrs. Canon (or is it Ms., her husband is dead, is she still a Mrs.?). Either way, I have some cleaning up to do there. And I promise, for you people who like to read boring school-related posts, I will give a review of my classes and teachers sometime this week. Even though my promises usually aren’t worth much, especially when talking about blogging.

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