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I don’t have much time for posting tonight. It’s already past my bedtime. I’ve been posting on a new message board I am now a member at, Body For Lifers. Yes, I have started Body For Life again. And yes, I will finish. Then I will continue on to have a great body for life. I’ll try to post again tomorrow with more detailed portions of my life.

Oh yeah, I finally got my Comprehensive test score back from my Journalism class. 95.2!!! I think that deserves something. Some kind of recognition. My overall grade for the class is a 93.486 (I have to make a 93 to have an A). So, I’m finished with the class. No more endless study hours for weeks at a time learning how to spell, word usage, Strunk and White, and AP style. I believe that does deserve a few of these !!!!!!!!!!!!. Okay, I’m just having a little fun. Maybe it’s not so exciting to you, but this is an important moment in my life. Maybe not extremely important, but important nonetheless.

All right, I’m off to bed.

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  1. Kerry
    Kerry Published |

    hey justin, its been awhile since i have talked to you. hope everything is going good with you. come see us when you are yeah how did we do on your project?

  2. greenshady
    greenshady Published |

    Good. I got an A. I forgot I never gave you a copy of the final paper. I’ll have to get around to that sometime. Oh, wait, I noticed that you have a blog now. I guess I’ll leave you a comment there.

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