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  1. Catherine Fitchett
    Catherine Fitchett Published |

    My “computer” has some very strange things in its files, judging by my dreams.
    Michelle sent me

  2. Bekki
    Bekki Published |

    I come from Michelle too….
    I love the computer analogy, it really does explain a lot of things, like why we suddenly dream of something that happened when we were wee children…strange indeed! Nice to meet you!

  3. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    I love dream stuff, though I usually can’t bring myself to share them online. Once in a while I do and I have a dream category for them.

    But I recommend that 10,000 dreams dictionary, it is a good start to figure out a dream’s meaning. http://nickm.com/dreams/

    Maybe there is something part of you no longer finds attractive and/or your mind is telling you to look for that. But check the Dream site out – I bet other people have had a dream like that.

    I wish I could get myself to think that way about my “unnamed boy”

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Lisa, I tried to find something from the website but failed. I guess I’ll have to keep searching. I would’ve bought one of those dream books a long time ago if I could remember more of my dreams. I’ve heard that if you get up and write them down, you’ll start remembering the better.

  5. Ivy
    Ivy Published |

    seeing somenoe as ugly on the outside can often represent how we feel about the person on the inside.. deep down that is.. Not sure of your history with said woman.. but maybe your mind is letting go.. our minds are funny how they work..

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