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  1. rick
    rick Published |

    I can understand Mr. Tadlock’s frustration as I have experienced the same with this company if you can call it that. I want to add in the Seattle office, the office managers actually short your time on your time sheets. You know you do Randy. Also, the office staff edits your time (by reduction that is) and then refuses to pay you on top of that.
    This is a real “bad place to work” unless you want to support the board and managers.
    I can be contacted to further give you all the facts you may want to hear.
    Best advice, look for part time work else where, this place will give you a headache arguing with their incompetence.

    1. Dylan
      Dylan Published |

      I am supposed to go fill out papers for this job on Tuesday and after reading these posts I would kinda of like some back ground on them or atleast experiences that youve had. I’m full time in the Massachusetts national guard and dont necessarily need the money I would just like something for extra vaca money or something like that. But if the job isnt really worth it then i wont go through with it

  2. Jon
    Jon Published |

    What is it they exactly do? You just see their stupid yellow jackets facing the crowd like they can do anything useful if shit were to hit the fan. What is it like a deterrent to prevent someone jumping the field and streak or something? They seem pointless to me. Kinda wish a linebacker were to slam into them “accidentally” of course 🙂


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