August 2006

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My Database Is Down

What does this mean? Well, I can’t run Wordpress on my website right now. Which kind of sucks. So, I wanted a temporary solution. Well, I found one at ApeJet Blog. For now, this will be my blogging software. At least until Yahoo fixes my database or whatever. What’s neat about ApeJet is that it […]

This is my first aside using Matt’s Asides.  I’m just testing out the code to make sure nothing’s broken.

Who Are You?

I’m getting tired, as usual. I finished reading Jack London’s Call of the Wild today between classes. I had a lot of free time because we only spent about 30 minutes in Technology, Literacy, & Culture and only about 2 minutes in Fiction Writing I. I’m not going to bore my readers again by blogging […]

First Day Back, Nothing Exciting

Yes, once again it has been a long day. Honestly, though, it is always a long day. Of course, it was the first day of classes this semester, my first day back to work at the library, and my first day working out since last Monday (Wednesdays are leg days, I’ll be sore in the […]

School & Books & More Books

Well, school has almost started. Less than eight hours from now I will be sitting in my first class. By the way, that motivation that I thought I had last night has now turned into mush. Really, I’m just tired. I had a really long day. Surely tomorrow things will pick up. I’ve already packed […]

Finding Motivation To Finish It Out

I’ve already started to get the pre-semester emails from my professors for this semester. The most interesting so far is from Judy Troy, my professor for Fiction Writing I. “…write with honesty and gusto, and do not try to make somebody believe that you are smarter than you are. What’s the use? You can never […]

First Blog From My Parents’ Home

Hey, I’m actually blogging from my parents’ house. How cool is that? Four years ago they couldn’t manage to get a computer in the house for their bright young high school graduate. Now, they have, not only a computer and internet, but wireless. The world has changed a bit in the last few years. And […]

Many Updates & J-Jordan’s Birthday

I’ve been on a bit of a website update rampage as of late. I finally got off of my lazy butt and blogged the other day. That, in turn, led to me sifting through piles of endless code for days on end. Therefore, I haven’t blogged since then. But, I have been doing some major […]