October 2006

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Full Day Ahead

Okay, I am moving myself along this week slowly, my body dragging my lagging brain along inch by inch throughout the day. And it’s already Tuesday night. Tomorrow, I have to meet with my Techonology, Literacy, & Culture group to work on our video project, read Chapter 3 of The Singularity is Near and post […]

He’ll Always Be Papa

This is who my grandfather is and who he will always be for me. He inches slyly toward me, hiding something in his hand. I am sitting on the floor of the living room, leaning against a recliner. Bending slightly at the hips and knees, he lowers himself enough to slip me a $100 bill. […]

One Image Theme

Another weekend gone by, and I almost have absolutely nothing to show for it. I did manage to accomplish one thing that I’ve been planning to do for weeks though. I have a new theme. I named it One Image because I wanted to put my CSS skills to a test and forget about using […]

No Time Left For Blogging

Once again, I’m late getting back in bed. My nap ran over almost two hours. I was supposed to sleep from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m., but I didn’t get up until 12:40. Now, I’m stuck with no time left for blogging. I need to be hitting the important topics like North Korea blowing up […]

Facebook Elitism

There are 2,838 members of the Facebook group “Against Opening Facebook to Everyone (Official Petition to Facebook).” So far. It’s our contry’s value of elitism. I admit it. I have that feeling too. To be better than anyone else. “I’m on Facebook, and you’re stuck on MySpace.” Na-na-na-na. It’s part of human nature, to be […]