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  1. Bubba
    Bubba Published |

    I really like your website. The design and content are awesome!

    I’m sorry I can’t help you out with your wish list. You have some pretty heavy reading on there, though…interesting stuff!

    Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    You won’t be dissapointed if you get the Bones DVD. I love this show! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to get the Wii too! It looks like mad fun. šŸ™‚

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks for the comments on my design, Bubba. I actually modeled the current design after http://facebook.com as kind of a joke. I figured since I can’t get my friends to stop by my website, I would make a design based off of Facebook. They actually go there 10 times a day.

    Tiggerprr, I’m glad I at least have one more person reassuring me that I should get Bones.

  4. Kelli
    Kelli Published |

    Hope you get everything on your list! I need to go to Amazon and make a wish list…just for fun! Happy TT!

  5. Thumper
    Thumper Published |

    Hmmm…perhaps I should remind people of my wishlist. I’m all about getting free stuff šŸ˜‰

    Here via Michele’s!

  6. amy
    amy Published |

    I have never seen a Seinfeld episode. Can you believe it?

    oh well, good list
    Mine is up and hubby has some old 80s and 90s videos up at http://www.valtool.blogspot.com

  7. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I hope I get everything on my list too. But, my list is at least twice this size. Somebody did buy quite a few items from there yesterday. It was probably my parents, unless one of you commenters have been feeling very, very generous this year.

    Amy, I really can’t believe you’ve never seen an episode of Seinfeld. You are the first person I’ve ever heard that from. You must go out and, at the very least, rent a season.

  8. Alex
    Alex Published |

    Hi Justin!

    Found your blog doing a search for Richard Russo. I hope you do get a chance to read Nobody’s Fool – it is a masterful novel, and on I wish I’d read decades agao when it was first published. Do yourself a favor and don’t see the movie version of the book (starring Paul Newman – it’s wonderful) until AFTER you’ve read the novel. Empire Falls is next on my list. Maybe we should swap!


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