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  1. Utenzi
    Utenzi Published |

    Hi Justin. Michele sent me over.

    I agree with your review. I liked this movie but it definitely had a few faults. In some ways it improved on the original which while at the time was making a nod at campy movies of the past, has become a little campy in its own right. Especially in regard to Lex Luthor as you note above. The Kevin Spacey version looks like it’ll age more gracefully.

    I liked the way the theme music harkened back to the Chris Reeve films but I felt they teased too much about the child and his presumed parentage. I guess that’s the setup for the next film.

  2. david
    david Published |

    and in other news: somewhere, someone blogged, and seems tyo have gotten away with it.
    here from michele

  3. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    Hubby and I just watched this tonight. We liked it, I liked it much better than I thought I would. Being a child of the 80s, I saw all of the Christopher Reeve movies first run. I thought Mr. Routh did a good job of assuming the role and persona that I came to enjoy without seeming like it he was trying to, if you know what I mean.

    I didn’t like Kevin Spacey as much as I hoped. I didn’t like Gene Hackman at all because I thought he made Luthor a caricature (strange term considering it’s based on a comic, but can’t think of a more appropriate word). I guess I expected Kevin Spacey to come off more menacingly. He scared me more in Seven.

    I liked it though. πŸ™‚

  4. Cat
    Cat Published |

    Hi! thanks for stopping by! I have not seen this movie yet. I will have to check it out. I too was a big fan of Christopher Reeves! So we will have to see if I can handle the new Superman!

    Take care

  5. Princess
    Princess Published |

    I totally agree. I didnt think it was that good.
    And it kinda annoyed me that Lois had to differant coloured eyes! πŸ˜›

    Thankyou for stopping by


  6. susie
    susie Published |

    I haven’t seen this yet. But I think I will have a hard time, being a child of the 80s myself.

    Michele sent me.

  7. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yeah, tiggerprr, I thought Kevin Spacey would’ve been darker in this movie. But, he was so much of a step up from Hackman. I think caricature is the perfect word for Hackman’s performance.

  8. Carmi
    Carmi Published |

    We’ve held off on seeing it. I think part of me is tired of blockbusters. They have huge budgets for major actors and CGI, but precious little depth in terms of writing, acting or production. Still, our eldest son is clamoring for this one. So we’ll likely bite the bullet. If anything, we need to continue our involvement in the movie lineage that began way back with Mr. Reeve.

    Who would have thought that nostalgia would help sell a generations-old franchise. Imagine that!

  9. Windfall Woman
    Windfall Woman Published |

    I came here by way of Sugarloaf Mountain and David. I am going to have to look for “cheesecake cream cheese.” Thanks for the review of Superman!

  10. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Carmi, you should definitely watch it because “we need to continue our involvement in” these films whether they are good or bad.


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