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  1. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    Blow was an excellent movie. Johnny Depp is the actor of our time, in my opinion.

    Closer, tore my heart out. It was like a train wreck. Painful to watch, yet I couldn’t look away. I believe that effect may intensify with the amount of relationship crap the viewer has personally been through.

    Moulin Rouge was so surprising to me. Nicole Kidman, wow, the girl can really sing. But you’re right, Ewan was even better. He should sing more and often. I rented it on a whim, bought it soon after.

    And you needed keep Saved! as a dirty little secret. That movie is genius.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but I notice they’re not on your lists. Death to Smoochy and Very Bad Things. Both are dark comedies.
    Death to Smoochy makes me howl laughing every time I watch it. That’s an effect that usually diminishes with each viewing for me. It hasn’t yet. Very Bad Things will make you sit there with your mouth gaping open at the things people do to eachother. If you’ve not seen them, I think you’d enjoy them.

    Cool list!

  2. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    Crap I typoed, in Saved! it should have been *needent*

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I’ll have to check out “Death to Smoochy” and “Very Bad Things.” I’ll always watch recommendations when I have time, unless it has Keanu Reeves or Paul Walker in it. It better look good if it has one of them two in it.

  4. srp
    srp Published |

    Here from Michele.
    I would add Schindler’s List, Dead Again, and of course Babe.
    I have a kid who loved Babe, what can I say!

  5. rashbre
    rashbre Published |

    Some good choices. I’d also include Goodfellas, Moulin Rouge and Mulholland Drive. I’d want to add Pulp Fiction somewhere and maybe one of the Bourne Conspiracy films.

    Also fun to do this with a genre, too.

    Here via Michele’s – and Hi!

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I can’t believe I forgot Pulp Fiction. I guess I’ll have to bump Ray down to the Honorable Mentions for that.

    Of course, there are many more films that could be on this list. It was a hard list to make because I love so many different films.

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