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  1. Carmi
    Carmi Published |

    Hi Justin. Dropped by from Michele’s site to say hi.

    How cool that your sister followed her dream. The outcome matters less than the fact that she gave it her all. I know that I wouldn’t even have the guts to step forward, so kudos to her.

    Nice to e-meet you. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. Sarch
    Sarch Published |

    Your sister looks like a nice person. I hope she wasn’t too disappointed at not getting on Idol. I’ve heard that they turn down truly talented people by the hundreds as they search for “the one”.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Michelle says hi.

  3. Christine
    Christine Published |

    Congrats to your sister for having the guts to go try out. Here via Michele today!

  4. panthergirl
    panthergirl Published |

    Did she actually get in front of the three judges? I heard you have to go through about five rounds with producers before getting to that point, so she must be pretty good.

    There’s always next year! (Unless she’s 28!)

    Here via michele.

  5. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Oh, when I say judges, I’m referring to the producers, who actually are the judges at that point in the race.

  6. Shephard
    Shephard Published |

    Wow, that’s cool. I bet everyone would love to know what it’s like to audition, and how they weed down the 10,000 people, etc. Would make a fascinating post.

    Michele says hello!

  7. Sarcasmom
    Sarcasmom Published |

    It’s nice that you are proud of your sister. I see you have the same rule for doing the wash as my kids. Whenever they are out of clean underwear it is wash day!

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