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  1. Uncle David
    Uncle David Published |

    Okay, I’m here now, now what? I have visited your site several times but I’ve only been a lurker, not a commentator. You’re not going to grade me on my writing or spelling ability are you? Oh yea, by the way, did you know that the 14th is also your Uncle Charles’ and Aunt Sheila’s anniversary? And no, I don’t forward EVERYTHING. And speaking of e-mails how come I don’t get any from you? I still don’t have high-high speed internet so I haven’t been around the world yet via the world-wide-web. And one more thing, I’m glad to see you’re reading the Bible. My favorite? Try Job Chapters 37-39. It really puts us in perspective to where our place is and where God’s place is. You do know we love you, don’t you? When you’re back down you need to see your aunt Linda, you do know yaw are redneck kin, don’t you? We love you, Uncle David.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I was wondering who those lurkers are that keep showing up in my site stats. You really need to think of getting that high-speed Internet connection.

  3. Benny
    Benny Published |

    Happy Birthday Granpa!!!!

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