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  1. Pat
    Pat Published |

    Justin I’m afraid this is all Geek to me. I have an ancient Nokia and all I expect it to do is he me out in an emergency. Good luck with your choice. BTW Michele sent me.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yeah, I’m trying to catch up on my cell phone technology. I’m a little behind right now. Mostly, that’s because I’ve had to keep this crappy one I’ve got because my last one died about a third of the way through my contract, not allowing me to upgrade to a new phone.

  3. Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen Published |

    two different beasts – Justin. If you can wait until June and have money to spend, get the iPhone. If you’re pressed to have a new smartphone now, get the BlackJack.

    The Treo 680/750 are both very solid devices.

    I’ve used all but the iPhone – but I was there at the keynote speech when Steve gave his iPhone sales speech.

    My ranking (not including the iPhone)
    Treo 750
    Treo 680

    Good luck!

    Vincent – myiphone.com

  4. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Come on is this even a competition? Wait for the iPhone call it a day. Treo’s are CRAP never used a blackjack but think it runs windows mobile end of story. Wait till June and never look back.

  5. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Right now, I’m waiting. It’s tempting to go out and get a smartphone because my current phone is just crap. I guess it’s worth the $45 I paid for it though.

    If I can wait it out just another month or two, then I’ll probably get the iPhone. My will has been pretty strong as of late, so I think I can do it.

  6. blackjack
    blackjack Published |

    The Blackjack II was voted best by consumers this year. I also ended up getting the iphone

  7. EntireStore
    EntireStore Published |

    I would choose iPhone of course.. It has variety of interesting softwares.
    For example I’ve tried one really exciting software about playing flute. You can play a strange kind of flute (by blowing to iphone:) ) and make live broadcast your notes to the world..
    huge screen and sound quality is other great features of apple iphone


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