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  1. Cloneysocks
    Cloneysocks Published |

    In order for these changes to happen, we need politicians to make it their interest, which in this country means publicity. If we can get people interested in science again, that curiosity will fire the media up and make scientific advancement an issue of human progress rather than just a pet project for right-to-lifers. As I see it, viral information is the key for doing this.

    I disagree about the problems Human 1.0 would have with Human 2.0. If we only develop technologies that allow prenatal genetic engineering, this will be an issue as each generation would be a quantum leap ahead of the next, but I find it more likely that, especially with the more enhanced intelligence transhumanity will bring, postnatal genetic engineering and other modes of humanity enhancement will make upgrading fast, easy, and affordable.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I want to believe that the more intelligent we become, the less destructive. I really want to believe that. So far, we’ve only built more destructive weapons. Maybe we’ve just got to get past this primitive mindset of war. However, if we push the transhumanists far enough, it could end badly.

    We probably need to get the media fired up about science again. Look how far NASA’s sunk. Nobody cares what they’re doing these days. And, people aren’t very knowledgeable about some of the things going on. I say the word “clone” and a lot of people immediately think I’m talking about cloning an entire human.

    Politicians need to put this back on their to-discuss list instead of pushing the issue aside as they’ve done time and time again.

  3. Cloneysocks
    Cloneysocks Published |

    I agree, getting the media interested in science is definitely the key. Sadly, the mainstream media’s primary purpose is profit, and science isn’t profitable to report. The alternate media (specifically viral information and the blogosphere) is, then, responsible at this point for getting people interested in science again.

    The internet provides a low-cost medium we can use to disinterestedly (applying specifically to corporate interest) inform more and more people about the possibilities on the horizon. Hopefully more will realize this and we’ll see more articles like this one.

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Nope, science is not profitable to report. Britney Spears is though. Even I wrote a post about her.

    With the continuing rise of Internet users and its effect on the world, it is the perfect medium to let people know about what’s going on.

  5. Veda
    Veda Published |

    Interesting blog, Justin. Thanks for the comment this weekend.

    It’s not so much science that isn’t profitable, it’s the kinds of science. You’re right, space science has almost completely taken a back burner while it seems medical science is huge (new medications – esp. those that fail – always make high stories). I just went back and read your post re: Freakonomics (which I loved) and I think I’ll read this one, too. You make it sound well-worth the read. Creepy, but interesting.

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yes, you’re right Veda. Only particular parts of science are profitable to print.

    As far as reading this goes, which I should’ve put in the post, is that you should only jump into this book after reading over some related material first. It can be a heavy read if you’re unfamiliar with the types of things he writes about. I recommend Radical Evolution for a good starter book. It gives some of the basic information without overwhelming the reader. But, if this is familiar territory, then dive right in.

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