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  1. Uncle David
    Uncle David Published |

    I always kind of figured that you were weird. Now I know it! lol. Just kidding! We all have some weird things about us. Of course the difference between me and you is the fact that the world is just going to have to figure out what’s weird about me, because I’m certainly not going to tell it.

    It’s good to know that you’re man enough to face up to your weirdness though.

    I think I have finally completed the book about Papa (Papa Tadlock). Now I need a proofreader to correct my few errors! lol. Know where I can find one? When you get a chance I want to get a copy in your hands. It’s only 63 pages.

    Chat later! Love ya, Uncle David.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I’m sure I might can come up with a few weird things to mention about you…

    It’s also nice to see that you’ve learned the Net lingo, and how to use “lol.” What is the world coming to? My own Uncle David uses “lol.” We’re all slaves to the machine.

    I am ready to read that book though. I’ve been waiting a while for it.

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