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  1. kenju
    kenju Published |

    Thanks for the visit, Justin. I am glad you are reading now, even if you didn’t when you were a kid.

  2. Veda
    Veda Published |

    Good luck with the sleuthing. I wish I had a tivo…or something similar. (no, I don’t program the vcr anymore either…*sigh)

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Tonight, I was actually able to keep the TiVo and computer connected for about three hours straight. It got my hopes up for a while.

    You should definitely invest in a TiVo. I actually got mine for about $40. It was priced at $220 (the 80 hour one), and I got a $180 rebate. That’s the whole reason I bought it. I was actually planning on pricing some different DVRs, and I just happened to find that deal. So, I figured, why not got ahead and get it?

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