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  1. Veda
    Veda Published |

    Radiators, given they’re still 50% healthy, make due quite well with a jug o’ water for easily more than a year. (Mother’s cars…oh, the memories!) But you do have to be religious about checking it. Really, that’s just an extra twenty minutes or so daily (non-consecutive, of course) and that’s not that much.

    Good luck on the writings/test!

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yeah, I have to get used to checking it on a regular basis. I just wanted to have my car last great until I could afford a new one (after I graduate, get a job, and settled in a bit).

  3. Tim
    Tim Published |

    Hey bud, i wish i was there to help you out. It is true, if you just check the water level daily, you can make it last a long time. However, if you forget, your car will over heat and blow up into a million pieces. Well…. not really, but it sounds cool. Just keep a close eye on it, or it will damage your engine.

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Just popping in while taking a break from writing my paper (I took off work this morning for this).

    My dad called about 30 minutes ago and told me that he had ordered a new radiator. He might come up tomorrow to put it in. I’m just waiting to hear, “Son, this is your birthday present this year.” My birthday is next Tuesday. Of course, that would be a great present.

    And here I was, preparing myself for at least a year of filling up my car with water.

  5. Veda
    Veda Published |

    We all wish we had Dads like yours, Justin. 🙂

    You’re lucky. Thank him.

  6. Pam
    Pam Published |

    I hope everything works out with your vehicle. Last summer I decided it was time for a set of new tires before going on vacation…but low and behold once the wheels were off I was told I need more than just tires; both rotors were cracked! Good luck!! and don’t forget to carry the water with you. 🙂
    PS..thanks for stopping by my blog.

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