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  1. Rob Miller
    Rob Miller Published |

    “y’all” is a contraction of “you all” with the apostrophe replacing the “ou”, so spelling the word as “ya’ll” is incorrect.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    So, no real thoughts on the actual blog post? If for some reason, you might have taken a look at my About page, you might have noticed that I said, “forgive me if I have a few typos on my blog.”

    I’ve now corrected the misspelling of the word “y’all.”

    If you are not trying to find some fault with my argument by picking out a simple typo and merely pointing out the misspelling, then I am sorry. Nevertheless, I could do without a grammar nazi (or spelling nazi, whichever you prefer) around here. I’ve met plenty of them in my English and Journalism classes.

    Maybe I should play the role of grammar nazi with your comment. Sentences in the English language begin with a capital letter. If you’re going to correct someone’s writing, then you should at least make sure your comment is without flaws.

  3. Uncle David
    Uncle David Published |

    Excuse me. But you both are wrong on that one. I do not have a college educashun but it is not “you all” or “y’all” or “yall” or whatever you call it. It is spelt and pronounced the same way. “yaw”. “How are yaw doin’?” Explain it to your teacher so that he/she can also get it correct. Thank you and yaw have a nice day!

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I thought about saying the same thing. “Yaw” is definitely the way to spell it.

    I actually just found the correct way to spell it in the Urban Dictionary. So, you are right Uncle David.

    3. Yaw
    A southern word meaning a group of people.
    Are yaw ever goin’ to go to the mountains.

  5. Bleaktrotter
    Bleaktrotter Published |

    Nice read. :]

    ps: I liked the grammar just the way it was. 😛


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