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  1. Amanda
    Amanda Published |

    My local library is sadly understocked – no Asimov to be found at all.

    I have read that short story of his though, where the children are being taught individually by electronic teachers in their own homes so they can’t socialise with other kids? Scary stuff.

  2. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    I have long thought with our seeming never-ending pursuit of “better” technology, we’ll eventually see robots or some technology that will rise against us a la Terminator, The Matrix, I, Robot…etc. It’s just a matter of time.

  3. James
    James Published |

    Came here through a link on your Simply Tree Light theme which is the best 4 column I’ve found out there, although I’m changing it a little, but thanks very much for that.

    On the subject of Asimov though, you have to read this:


    Best short story I’ve ever read. Blows me away. Enjoy.

  4. Tatyana
    Tatyana Published |

    It’s really pity I have not seen your blog before. I am absolutely agree with you about the film. Asimov is one of my favourite write and… if say the true one of the reason because he is not only American writer, his family was immigrate from Russia just after the revolution… :)))


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