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  1. Uncle David
    Uncle David Published |

    Hey Justin, Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your endeavor. Mama (grandma Tadlock) always told us children, “Never forget where you came from and never forget the Lord.”

    I don’t know if you came by the house or not, I’m never there, working all the time. I pray everything will work out for you and I’ll always be praying for all my nieces and nephews because I love them all so very much. But as we trek through the remainder of our lives everyone it seems are starting to go on their own way.

    We love you and you take care! David, Linda & Josh.

  2. Lady G~
    Lady G~ Published |

    Annyeonghaseyo, (pronounced:Ahn yawng hah seh yoh means: hello)

    I forgot to mention that when my Knight enlisted in the Army, his friend joined too. They joined as “buddies”, which means they went through basic training together and would be stationed together in their first post (we were married by then). After being stationed in Ft. Polk, Louisiana, the got orders for different stations. My Knight went to Germany (I got to go) and his buddy went to Korea. Wives were not allowed to go to Korea unless they were going to be stationed there more than three years.

    His buddy LOVED Korea. He got to travel quite a bit and enjoyed their culture. He said it was really easy to find someone to do all the housework and it was extremely affordable.

    Oh and as for the thought about your mom and grandmother, I can understand, being that I’m a mom of 5. :o) As moms we want out better/more for our children than we had or have done. The “go do something with your life” or “go be somebody,” they said means just that. But they didn’t mean to literally “go” somewhere far away and do it. LOL! They still want you around. To be able to see you, hug you, kiss you and hear you. I’m sure they are happy that you are doing something you “want” to do. But they will miss your presence. I hope that didn’t come across wrong, but I’m just speaking from a moms point of view.

    As for me being ok with my daughters venturing out when the time comes, I am and I’m not. I guess it’s because I got married at 18 and got to travel the States and Europe with my young Knight. Did all that before I was 23. I was blessed to have a soulmate to share my adventures with. That made it all easier. The thought of them being girls and going of to a foreign country is a little scary. But I have to trust and have faith. I have plenty of that. :o)

    Sorry, didn’t mean for it to be lengthy. I got caught up in memory land. I hope and pray that God blesses you on your journey. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pop in and see how things are going for you. It will help me to see what it might be like for my girls when their time comes. They’ve already checked out your site and look forward to reading more about your adventure. They are more on the quiet/shy side. Which is why they haven’t posted a comment. They certainly didn’t get that from their mom. LOL!

    PS. I came across the site below while searching for the word ‘hello’ in Korean. I thought you might find it interesting.

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks for the comments Lady G and Uncle David. I plan on responding in more depth. I’m just trying to find the time to blog while I’m here. Everything’s going well though.

  4. They do say all good things must come to an end

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