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  1. Ivy
    Ivy Published |

    It sounds extremely busy.. Down time indeed!

  2. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    Hey! I hope you have a wonderful time while you’re in Japan!:) I love it there, and miss it very much!

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  4. Lady G~
    Lady G~ Published |

    Wow! My my, you have been a busy bee. Japan is on the list of place our family wants to visit. We’ve hosted tow exchanged students from there and were very blessed by their visit. In fact, one student came back to stay with us for 3 more weeks before her student visa expired. The other one is coming back with her husband and her new baby boy. We can’t wait to see them.

    Have you heard of the Rosetta Stone? They have an awesome language program. They have 30 languages to choose from. We just bought the Spanish version. So far we LOVE it. I know other homeschoolers who’ve used it and had wonderful results. It’s a little expensive, but worth it. Here’s the link:

    Enjoy your visit to Japan!

  5. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Lady G, I started Korean classes right before I left for Japan. This week we’re off for Chuseok, but I think we start classes on Friday again. I might try it out for a while, but I didn’t enjoy my first class. We seemed to be moving too fast.

    My teacher asked me to read something after about 25 minutes of going over the sounds and shapes of the alphabet, and I said, “I’m just trying to figure out what exactly it is we’re trying to read.” I wanted to go on to tell her that she can’t expect a student in his or her first day to remember all that before half the class is over.

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