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  1. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    Awwww! I’m glad you had fun in Japan! 🙂 Japanese women are cute, eh? 😉 LOL

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |


    I had so much fun. I wish I could just spend at least a few more days there.

  3. jjrs
    jjrs Published |

    Fukuoka rules. I came here first on a similar trip, loved it, moved here, and never looked back.

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    JJRS, it does rule! I’d love to spend some time there too. If I decide to teach English overseas again after my contract’s up here in Korea, I might try to live there. It’s such a beautiful city.

  5. Adriana
    Adriana Published |

    I envy to you. I die to know japan, master all the culture and its growth

  6. Buy Cake
    Buy Cake Published |

    Hi Justin

    We drive on the left here in the UK as well, so maybe it would be better for us 🙂

    The thing that scares me about the idea of going to Japan is the thought of nor being able to read *anything*.

    In another European country you can still kind of work out words (based on their common Greek/Latin roots I guess).

    How did you read things like road signs, menus etc.

    PS Good luck with the beautiful Japanese woman!



  7. bekay
    bekay Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I am fascinated by your story about Fukuoka city. By the way, you may be able to help get some of the names of cultural centres or colleges, where English is being tought to the young girls and women in Fukuoka city. I am trying to contact a long lost Japanese woman friend, who is now teaching English in one the cultural centres or colleges. Hope to hear from you.


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