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  3. Lee
    Lee Published |

    I didn’t see the old theme, but I do like this one.

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    Wordpress 01/10/2007 | Kaizenlog at |
  7. Roma
    Roma Published |

    I would add:
    – remove unused categories
    – cleaning up dead links
    – use wp-cache to speed up your blog

  8. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Very good suggestions Roma. I actually forgot to add “remove unused categories” to this list. It was something I done to clean up my blog.

  9. JamesReilly
    JamesReilly Published |

    I like to think i’m learning, but when i learn one thing another comes along, 24hours in the day is just never enough, cheers for your insight

  10. sarah
    sarah Published |

    great site , hopefully you get alot of visitors

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  12. Ross
    Ross Published |

    Your theme presents a fresh, light atmosphere. In fact if I can find a wordpress theme similar to yours I will consider changing my theme. Your theme is easy on the eyes. Really enjoyed your thoughts about changing & cleaning up the blog…great ideas…thanks

  13. Blog Picture
    Blog Picture Published |

    Expert’s ideas. I appreciate this. Will try to apply the information provided herein and see the specific outcome in real situations. Many thanks.

  14. Bryan
    Bryan Published |

    I like the part about the plugins. I know on my blogs, any time I see something I think might be useful I add it and then it ends up sitting there forever and then I forgot why I even downloaded it in the first place. Every now and then, we do need to clean our sites up. Good tips.

  15. Hournscensups
    Hournscensups Published |

    Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . 🙂

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