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  1. Lady G~
    Lady G~ Published |

    I have never heard about this. I was ready to watch it, with my fingers positioned a certain way over my eyes, just in case, but for some reason, the video isn’t coming through. :o( I’m not a milk drinker. The thought of drinking a whole gallon makes me want to puke. LOL! I guess you won’t be trying that again. LOL!

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Hmmm… I don’t know why you can’t see the video. Maybe some flash thing isn’t installed on your browser. Not sure.

    I’m definitely not going to try again though.

  3. bob joe
    bob joe Published |

    hey, it is 1 gallon of Whole Milk in 1 hour and you must not vomit for 3 hours… there is a group that actually does this every year in U.S. and nobody has ever been able to do it because it is impossible to do. Your stomach can not hold 1 gallon of milk and you cant digest it fast enough so therefore you can not do it.

  4. Solomon Till
    Solomon Till Published |

    It’s not impossible, I’ve done it, but I did get the runs.

  5. johnathan
    johnathan Published |

    Bob has it right, it is also that the human body is naturally allergic to lactose and whole milk has a higher fat content. The whole three hour thing at the end might just be a house rule type thing. He is also wrong about no one doing it, my mom is a fire fighter and has seen one Irish guy do it. He was accustomed to drinking really heavy buttermilk or something like that, so the whole milk was nothing. To the average person it is impossible, I helped a friend drink the gallon we both got sick at half a gallon.

  6. Nathan
    Nathan Published |

    We did it Saturday. The only person to complete it had to use the bathroom about 10 times after, but he managed to keep it down. It is possible

  7. Scott
    Scott Published |

    I believe it is possible because, when I was in high school, I ate an entire box of Frosted Mini Wheats and one gallon of 2% milk as my after-school snack only to eat dinner a few hours later with my family. In college, I remember drinking a half gallon of 2% milk in about 5 minutes just because I was thirsty. I’m 6’4″ and 185 lbs and used to eat about 6000 calories per day. I played volleyball and basketball at least 5 hours per day so the energy had to come from somewhere. I used to eat cereal from a bucket which was originally the container for the Halloween kids meal at Carl’s Jr. The bucket held the burger, fries, and a prize and was meant to be used by kids to collect candy on Halloween night. My mini-fridge in my dorm room was just big enough to hold 4 gallons of milk which is the only reason I did not need to go to the store every other day for more milk.

  8. Riley
    Riley Published |

    chuck norris could do it

  9. Tim
    Tim Published |

    i like how you did this, i made it to the last 250ml of a 3 litre milk carton, but we were doing something difrernt, me n my mates were doing i thing we call white fear, where you have 2 drink 5 litres of milk haha, throwing up included haha, but i skulled the milk in 10 mins 5 mins later i drank some more to try n finish the carton n bam i threw up a motherload haha

  10. mitch
    mitch Published |

    dude just done it, but i had 3 litres in 10 minutes, failed. Threw that bitch up

  11. desirae
    desirae Published |

    its definitly possible. Me and my friends have done yearly parties for it. One of my friends did it with 2%, soy, egg nog, and chocolate! I have never finished but interesting note: its not as bad to throw up as you might think since it never has a chance to digest ha ha.

  12. Spider8itch
    Spider8itch Published |

    Ok im SOOOOOOOOOOO ready to do this i gotmy self drinkin milk for the last few weeks this is ganna be awsm >::::D

  13. Jessica
    Jessica Published |

    I’m doing it tomorrow !(:

  14. Ashtonn
    Ashtonn Published |

    One of my close friends and i attempted this but since we are younger and have stomachs that cant even hold a gallon of anything we altered it to half a gallon… let me just say, i will never drink milk again and now need a new phone that doesn’t have puke still caked on in odd places…. yep DO NOT ATTEMPT!! :@

  15. Nadia
    Nadia Published |

    So all you have to do is drink a gallon of milk without throwing up ?

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