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  1. Travis
    Travis Published |

    Justin, great post! You did a great job explaining how to best make use of tags and categories – thanks for the tips.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Travis. It will be an ongoing experiment for me, just as putting together a solid group of categories. I’m going to try to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to tags.

  3. Geoff Dodd strategies
    Geoff Dodd strategies Published |

    Thanks. We need to get this right. Or the whole blogosphere will become irrelevant. Much like the old keyword meta tags. GD.

  4. daniel
    daniel Published |


    What do you make of the following case. I have, besides categories, also sub-categories. For a long time, I wanted to share sub category-names/items over several categories, so:
    * US
    ** Military defeats
    ** Military stalemates
    * France
    ** Military defeats
    ** Militray stalemates

    However, with categories, this is not possible, as Military defeats would only be subcategory for one higher level category.

    So I moved on to tags. However, tags have no organization whatsoever. The it would just become an arbitrary list of items, France, US, Georgia, Defeats, losses, etc. But I’m looking for something in between there. I wont to have the hierarchical of tags – because I have a lot of categories, and I like to fold them – but I also want to share sub-categories, which then would become tags, so maybe a possibility to categorize tags?

    See my site for a more live example. Some companies are French, some of them German, but then they are also companies, so they fall in both these categories or tags…

  5. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    We sure do need to get it right. Here it is months later, and I’m still trying to think up a great tag strategy.

    You definitely have too many categories. Seeing that many categories from a user’s perspective is just daunting sometimes. Of course, it’s also neatly organized, which you don’t get with tags.

    I haven’t really stepped into organizing tags yet. I’m sure there’s got to be some good plugins or tutorials for organizing tags for your users. WordPress 2.5 should have a manage tags page in your admin panel, which will at least help you behind the scenes.

    Mostly, I was referring to getting your users to check out other posts from a single post’s page by using informative tag names but not overdoing it with too many tags. Only use the ones you need.

  6. Top CD Rates
    Top CD Rates Published |

    I am just starting to get a hang of tags. One thing not mentioned is a tag can help a searcher find the right post. Well thought out tags can lead to higher traffic if they match low-competition phrases.

    But how many of those can you stuff in one place? Good question.

  7. Spunky Jones Blog Tips
    Spunky Jones Blog Tips Published |

    I have just recently setup another new blog and tags became a subject which I needed to know more about. Your post clears some things up for me, and I will have to consider cleaning up my other blog as far as tags.

    What I have noticed is that many A list bloggers seem to be dropping tags all together. Has anybody noticed this and know what the reason might be for this movement? I have a few ideas, but just wanted to see if anybody else has some input to it.

  8. Amy Jo Yates
    Amy Jo Yates Published |

    I like how you have simplified this topic. People ask me all the time how many tags, what to use etc. I’ve been likening Categories to Chapters in a book, and tags to the word index in the back. I like how you put it even better!


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