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  1. K
    K Published |

    The small excerpts looks neat, actually. That Revolution theme is just stunning! Are you working on a similar theme too?

    sidenote: I can’t seem to follow properly about listing a series of posts, just like what you have at the end of the entry, Related Posts.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    K, thanks for the feedback on the excerpts. I was wondering if anyone would find them useful.

    Head on over to listing a series of posts and ask me anything you want about it. Sometimes it’s hard to write tutorials because it can be so easy to leave out small things that others might not understand.

  3. Armen
    Armen Published |

    Just to let you, I very much appreciate bloggers taking the time to write a sentence which relates to the link. It makes all the difference.

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Armen, I’ve also given this a little more thought and think it’s better to leave at least a few words. Next week’s roundup will definitely have excerpts with the links too.

    Thanks for the feedback on this K and Armen.

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