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  1. Jim Howard
    Jim Howard Published |

    I am ready and I need that sort of help. Smile. Lead on oh great one. Smile
    I been doing a blog since June of 1982. (I know it looks like typo. But it is true.) I have a lot of little errors now on my blog (www.showmeblog.com) but God years ago my blog was real bad. One thing is I did not worry about it much or think that it mattered.
    Now I wish I had paid more attention in school or any attention for that matter.
    So I will be reading your blog and hope I learn something.
    Miami FL

  2. Mohsin
    Mohsin Published |

    Of course I am ready to learn. Looking forward to the series Justin.

    I looked long and hard at this post to find any errors, but without success. Am I supposed to be a lazy student? 😛

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Jim and Mohsin, I’m ready to get started with this series. I’m currently laying out an overall plan, adding a few new ideas every day. Tell me some of the things you struggle with. It would definitely be helpful.

    For example, I’ve always struggled with the active voice. I write in the passive voice too much. This is something I’ve worked on hard, but still have a tough time with sometimes.

  4. eliZZZa
    eliZZZa Published |

    Hi Justin, this blog is a treasure chest indeed. Just found time today to read more about you. I write much in English (e.g. more than 13,000 pages serial killer bios during the last years) despite the terrible mistakes I make (my native language is Austrian German). But as a trainer (on web design & conception) I am always willing to learn – and this is a great opportunity!
    One of my fav mistakes (I have hundreds!): The usage of “since”, since it is very much different from the German use of “seit”.
    In German I usually say, “I write since years”, which would be wrong in English…
    Will dig through my basket of mistakes and send some more…

  5. eliZZZa
    eliZZZa Published |

    Of course it should read
    In German one would say, …..

    Plus a second grave mistake is the correct “timing”, which is tricky sometimes…

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I think I’ll use “this blog is a treasure chest indeed” for a testimonials page or something. 🙂

    I’ll try to keep the series entertaining and informative. Thus far, I’ve written the “A” and “B” parts of the series, but I haven’t committed to a structure yet. I’m sure it’ll change over time.

    I want to release a polished version of the overall series as an e-book when it’s over. It will give me a chance to add those things I wish I would’ve blogged about and a few more tips.

    Either of these is correct:
    In German, I usually say…
    In German, one would say…

    It really depends on what you want to convey to the reader. Is it a mistake that most German speakers make or just you? Also, note the comma after “In German.”

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say “the correct ‘timing'” though.

    I hope you continue reading the series and learn from it.

  7. eliZZZa
    eliZZZa Published |

    You are very welcome to use my comment for testimonial.
    An eBook about is a great idea!

    Ah, yes, the English usage of commas – I NEVER know! Why in hell is there a comma after “German”???

    The “since” question is a mistake most German speakers make (as I was told).

    With the “correct timing” I meant the usage of Present, Past etc. from a writers view as well…

  8. ena clewes
    ena clewes Published |

    after ” the last four years” I notice that you have typed ‘of’ instead of
    I also notice many spelling mistakes on web sites and blogs, that are , as you say, not amateurs. I did write an ezine article about the very same topic, that people don’t seem to care about spelling any more, and,do we as a society, promote that lack of perfection?
    I am a writer, and I have just published an ebook about Organic gardening, but the sales are slow, perhaps the topic is not popular enough.
    I would like to write fiction, I have the story line in my head,I am just not sure how to start?
    Do I just use Word and keep going till I finish, or is there a smarter way to get the job done?
    I would really appreciate your input, and thank you for taking the time to read this rather long epistle!.

  9. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Good catch. You definitely have an eye for detail. I have now replaced “of” with “or.”

    I’m right there with you about promoting imperfection. That’s why I’m trying to reach out to a small portion of the Web. We don’t have to write perfectly but could do much better.

    I think everyone has their own preferences for writing. When I write fiction, I like to be a little more traditional. I try to find an empty room, toss a few pillows on the floor to lie on, and write with only a pen and pad.

    You could always use Word and just hash out the storyline until you’re finished. My advice is that you shouldn’t edit yourself. Just write. You can edit later. Grammar Nazis (us) sometimes get too caught up in the details.

  10. echoca
    echoca Published |

    This series will sure help me out. I’m bad with “your/you’re” and “there/their”. Yes simple grammar, but boy I miss them alot.

    I think I found one mistake in the above…
    “portion of my classes was in Literature”

    was should be where??? was just sounds wrong (to me, but I’m here learning right).

  11. B is for “because” because “because” is used badly: Part B of the writing well on the Internet series

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