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  1. DeFries
    DeFries Published |

    Interesting project. Should be a fun project. For me personally what would make a theme perfect is the ultimate flexibility. Being to easily use it a next generation blog or as a CMS with a blog perfectly integrated.

    Ads should be easily configurable between posts and in sidebars. Perhaps a different layout and or look and feel per category. Sideblogs integrated via a category plus a feature category.

    A highly configurable theme backend where you can choose different settings such as colors and what not. Basically the most popular plugins should be integrated. FlickRSS, edit comments, you name it..

    Designwise.. just keep doing what you´re doing I would say.. love your themes and I am sure this future project will be a killer just the same.

    Good luck with this great venture. I will be following the project and try and contribute as much as I can.


  2. Alessandro
    Alessandro Published |

    I can’t believe what I just read here…! Justin, you are great dude.

    I found your Structure theme a few days ago and I can’t believe that is for free, its a lot better than others Premium themes. Now, i’m customizing your theme, there is a lots of modifications left, about the color, images and layout. (damm CSS!)

    The idea of a Community Theme is amazing, and I thik it could be the beginning of a trend on the Wordpress developer community.

    I like to join to this project, its sounds great. I’ll work in a design on Photoshop, to show what a think could be a interesting layout for a magazine Wordpresstheme.

    P.D: Sorry for my english isn’t good, I’m from México. Adios!!

  3. Todd Morris
    Todd Morris Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I’m currently using your structure theme with a few color tweaks. I think your project sounds very interesting. I’m not sure I’m really qualified to offer a lot in the way of participation. But I’ll definitely be very interested in following along to see how the theme design process works.


  4. Anirudh
    Anirudh Published |

    This sounds like an awesome idea Justin. I’m in.

  5. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I definitely think having the flexibility to switch from a normal blog to more of a CMS is at the top of the list.

    Do you think a way to input ads in the administration panel would be the way to go? A different layout or style for each category is near impossible for a template though because there’s no way of knowing what categories each user would have. The sideblog feature is definitely a good idea (or “asides” as some call it).

    Do you think it would be better to offer multiple styles in terms of color or allow the user to pick individual colors?

    What do you consider to be the most popular plugins (other than FlickrRSS, of course)?

    Thanks for your input so far. I look forward to hearing more from you?

    That sounds cool. I’d love to see some layout ideas with Photoshop. I’m thinking of having something similar to Structure where users can choose from multiple layout styles.

    Everyone is qualified to participate. That’s the beauty of it. It’s all about what you want to see in a theme.

    I’m glad you’re in. I’d love to hear what ideas you have.

  6. Seeds For Wealth
    Seeds For Wealth Published |

    First of all let me say that your Structure theme is absolutely brilliant!!! The code was sooo clean I was able to make sense of things. I”m not a coder and so I really appreciate clean, legible, code.

    Justin, please have a look at my customizations and critique it please. I’d be honored.

    AS for helping you create a new theme I love that idea! You’re doing exactly what I’d do if I knew how to design.

    Thank you so much again for the free premium Structure theme.

  7. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks for the compliments. I’d love to hear what ideas you have for this theme project.

  8. Nice from Thailand
    Nice from Thailand Published |

    I mixed up this layout in my mind from various themes I like
    but I can’t design nor code
    so this project is like a dream 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the finalize theme.

    My english is limited so I decided to use picture
    but my photoshop skill sucks too lol

    option to input url of header image
    or rotating header in image folder

    Added from the picture
    – widgets below the posts too.
    – on single page
    next, previos post under the post
    comment meta on the left
    comment form: comment author,mail,site on the left

    To see what I means…
    My inspiration themes
    Mandigo, Cutline 2.0, Press Row, Ungrid, jello wala mello, bedrock grid
    webrevolutionary.com, subtraction.com

  9. Nice from Thailand
    Nice from Thailand Published |

    Date tab is interesting too ^_^
    like tpagon.com, webdesignerwall.com

  10. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Nice from Thailand
    I’ve always liked the date tab myself and have wanted to design a theme with one.

    I’m fairly confident that an option to add a custom header image will come along with this theme. The comment form ideas seems cool too.

    Thanks for sending over the image and the list of inspiring themes and websites you like.

  11. Noah H.
    Noah H. Published |

    I would like to see drop-down menus at the top like on the Minbo theme. I’d love to help…but don’t know any PHP and very little CSS. But I’ll be glad to throw in ideas when ever they come to me. Thanks alot Justin.


  12. Magneto
    Magneto Published |


    Love this idea, Justin. I am a designer (more into front end UIs ) who always fancied about designing a theme for wordpress, but like you said I was one of those people who never bothered to sit down and work at it. Would love to contribute on this…

  13. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    Just like the others I like this idea, I’m also gonna participate.

  14. Sueli
    Sueli Published |

    Hi Justin,
    This sounds like a great idea. I like your Structure theme a lot. The magazine format works very well and would be perfect for the blog I edit. I still need to figure out a few things though. I have subscribed to your RSS feeds and will be happy to share any ideas.

  15. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Drop-down menus sound great. It’s been a long time since I’ve even played around with them, so it would be neat to create something like that. So, what would be in a drop-down list anyway? Maybe the subpages of the top-level pages. Feel free to contribute any and all ideas you have.

    Please do so. What type of things do you have in mind?

    That’s great. I’d love to hear all the ideas I can.

    Sounds good. Please share your ideas with the group. And, feel free to ask any questions you have about the Structure theme over on its download page.

  16. Mr Papa
    Mr Papa Published |

    Justin, just let me know what you need… would be happy to contribute…

  17. Mikel Etxarri
    Mikel Etxarri Published |

    Sorry for my bad English (I have used automatic translator):

    I propose that new theme has the option of being multilingual.

    In the section of the features news they are possible to be shown more than one (as http://danphilibin.com/plugins/post-switcher/)

    In the section of the videos something can be made similar (as http://original.premiumnewstheme.com/)


  18. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Mr Papa
    It’s not about what I need; it’s about what the community needs. I’m willing to hear all ideas about what should be done. Please share.

    You’re breaking my heart here. The video section should be like something found in my Visionary theme. They’re essentially the same. 🙂

    I think that it’s definitely possible to put a post switcher for a feature section, and we wouldn’t need a plugin to do it either. I pretty much already have the jQuery code to do it. It’s basically the same as the sidebar tabs in some of my other themes.

    Thanks for giving your input. These are great ideas.

  19. Nice from Thailand
    Nice from Thailand Published |

    “Do you think it would be better to offer multiple styles in terms of color or allow the user to pick individual colors?”
    the latter 🙂

    hmm but why do the newer comments in this post come first? it’s a bit hard to follow. 🙁

  20. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks for getting back to me. The only real problem I see with allowing users to pick individual colors is the file size — it seems like it would take a lot of extra code.

    I’ve changed the comments to display the other way now. I didn’t much like it backwards either. I’ve been testing out the Paged Comments plugin. I’m trying to get the best experience out of it that I can.

  21. madalin
    madalin Published |

    I’m in with romanian translation of the theme. Also, i might help out with some icons and modifications to theme as my css skills aren’t great:)

  22. Joakim Kristiansen
    Joakim Kristiansen Published |

    Some different archive or sections pages that shows the news from a section (not just heading but all of it).

    A function for updating “Links of the Week” in a box in the sidebar.

    A plugin or something that allows us the set up contests with questions and so on.

    Newsletter and poll plugins..

    Optimized ads places for google ads..

    Style the line with the author name with the following information in a box: Img of author, author name, “Set as homepage”, Mailadress for tip to magazine, add to facebook.

    A box with related news, and a board on the bottom of the single page with the latest news.

    By the way.. Take a look at this site and se where the ads are. There are banners al over it and a background ad of the page.. Nice? http://www.yeye.no/

  23. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Sounds great. We definitely need some translations. I’d love to see some custom icons too. I can code whatever, but I just need design ideas, color schemes, and such.

    Thanks for all the ideas. This definitely helps out planning for providing built-in support for various plugins.

    I’m actually not a fan of Yeye.no. I think the background ad is ridiculous. Their viewers are probably inadverdantly clicking on the ad when all they came for is the content. Their overall design is good, but their take on ads is a little “trashy.”

  24. Joakim Kristiansen
    Joakim Kristiansen Published |

    I can agree with you in one way with the ads, but in the other ways not. The company who started with this in Norway was the community Biip.no and they make plenty of money on these campain options.. But of course can the ads be enoying sometimes.

    But anyway, I got another tip for you. Many sites have the colons down the site and some of them have a “breaker” that crosses these colones from left to right. Har to explain but I could make an example with my beautiful Paint skills <3

  25. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    I’m a sucker for visual aspects on a website. I like the idea of the post switcher from Mikel Etxarri. Maybe we can combine it with opacity just like on the feature article Nusport. And maybe also some more styling on the menu part, dropdown sounds good. But we can also use sliding doors.

  26. DeFries
    DeFries Published |

    @ Justin: Sorry for the late reply. Flue and all…

    To answer your questions.

    Do you think a way to input ads in the administration panel would be the way to go?
    That would definitely be my choice. I mean, if you’re aiming for a flexible theme than an easy way to change ads thru an admin tab of the theme would be the way. Also a lot of people who don’t know the first about code get very anxious when the have to edit it.

    A different layout or style for each category is near impossible for a template though because there’s no way of knowing what categories each user would have.

    I realize that, but a way to go around that would be to have the ability to assign a different css code to a specific category id. And do that for about 3 – 5 categories.

    The sideblog feature is definitely a good idea (or “asides” as some call it).

    Great. Simplest way would be to use a specific tag like you do with the feature in your awesome Structure Theme! 🙂

    Do you think it would be better to offer multiple styles in terms of color or allow the user to pick individual colors?

    I believe a designer should take some control and if I had your skills I would offer a couple of color styles and make it easy for the users to alter them. Either via an admin menu or just have them tweak the CSS.

    What do you consider to be the most popular plugins (other than FlickrRSS, of course)?

    Mmm, difficult one to answer, but my guess would be at least Gravatars, FlickrRSS, Feedburner, Related Posts.. ahhh.. the list could go on and on..

    Also.. the tabbed separation of the trackbacks and regular comments as option would be nice too, as well as the paged comments as you offer here.

    Back to you 🙂

  27. DeFries
    DeFries Published |

    Oh and yes.. easy translation! Is it possible to use a .po?

    p.s. built in option to edit your comment would also come in handy 😉

  28. Howard
    Howard Published |

    Hi Justin, Sorry I haven’t jumped in here earlier. I was off on vacation when you posted this. lots of snow, no internet.

    Some of the best aspects of your structure theme:

    custom fields (thumbnail, feather post, feature image) make it very easy for a non technical writer to maintain the site and control visual layout.

    tabbing allows tremendous efficiency of bringing lots of content forward to the user in a very confined space.

    your vidow tag/video box on the front page makes inclusion of video super simple.

    fixed column widths and a predetermined page layout, guarantees a consistant page look across various browsers and screen widths.

    You could allow your users tremendous flexibility in two ways:
    1. Given the basic page elements that make up the toolkit(feature article, category tabs, tabs, ads, video, recent posts) etc. you would do your users a favor if you offered several alternative page layouts. eg. with structure, there could be a structure1 that had the video top, front and center, moved the recent articles up to the right or whatever etc. You users can easily learn how to identify the elements in their posts, but can potentially break the design when they try to change the geography.

    2. Give the user the ability to easily have more than one copy/version of a feature. For example, Tabs, Tabs2, Ads, Ads2
    Categories-tabs, Categories-tabs2 etc. so that a user can easily expand on the tools with minimal php/css knowledge. Won’t add to overhead if you ad the extra code to another php with instructions on how to move them in and out of the proper files, or they could exist inline and be commented out.

    3. It would be useful to have some industry standard ad units defined in interesting spots on the page layout. EG. (using structure as an example) a placeholder for inserting adsense code or doubleclick code in the header, under the navbar, under the feature, under the video, in the sidebar, in the footer etc.

    4. Some of the feature plugins that are useful are a forum (we are using Mr. Papa’s simple forum and are very pleased). A managble photo gallery, we’ve looked at gallery2 and are testing the popup gallery we found on stuff.yellowswordfish.com (where mr. papa manages simple forums).

    5. Since so many other services or sites can provide their content feed by rss/xml, it would be wonderful if we could populate a page or a box with styled input from an outside rss feed. EG. site a: i want to grab the googlenews feed on a subject, or a medline newsfeed etc. and have that data populate a page or a box similar to your existing “recent posts” box.

  29. krishna
    krishna Published |


    thanks for a great theme like structure. its unbelievably customisable. it has most features anyone can ask for. If its possible please integrate any of the gallery plugins into the theme such as nextgen gallery which can show related images based on the category similar to related posts plugin.

  30. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I think I might have to see an example. I’m not sure what you’re talking about (colons, colones).

    I’m not even sure how to do the opacity thing but like to give it a try as long as it’s valid XHTML. Sliding doors won’t be too hard. Thanks for the input. I like your thinking.

    Ad input will definitely be an option from the admin panel now. I’ve been working on a few solutions to allow for Adsense or standard 125 x 125 px ads.

    I’m still thinking of ways to allow for different category templates. I do have a few ideas on how this could be useful. In my Structure theme, there are three different home page layout options, so users should have these kind of options with categories too.

    This is why I really like the tag feature of WordPress now — we can create these sideblogs without having to waste an entire category on it.

    I’m right there with you in terms of color styles. I’m almost 100% certain that we should just offer different color styles.

    Tabbed separation between comments and trackbacks and pingbacks coming up. I actually wanted to do this with my last theme but got a little lazy by the time I got around to it.

    I’ll make sure it’s easy to translate. I’m still learning about translation, so it should be fun getting everything ready for it.

    Thanks for all your feedback.

    I’ll definitely be using many of the functions that I’ve written for Structure to build this theme.

    I’m thinking of some different ways that we could offer different page layouts.

    I’ll definitely consider adding in some options for extra features, such as multiple tabs and ad slots.

    I don’t think a forum or photo gallery plugins are really fitting with this project. Those are really separate entities that usually have to be hacked a bit to work with any theme.

    I’m not really up on what plugins are available, but it would seem that there are plugins that pull feeds into your site, isn’t there?

    Thank you so much for your advice thus far. I hope you continue to keep the ideas coming until we finish the project.

    Thanks for your advice. As I mentioned to Howard, I don’t see integrating a gallery plugin as a good option, unless enough people bug me to do it.

    Do you know what the best gallery plugins are, krishna or Howard? Maybe if there’s one with little CSS, XHTML, and/or PHP customization involved, then it would be easy to implement.

    My main goal is to keep the code as light as possible while offering as many features as we can come up with.

  31. howard
    howard Published |

    hi justin,

    i agree that keeping things light is a great idea. I also agree with not making a gallery or forum an integral part of the theme.

    my suggestion was more on the lines of picking one or two, looking at how to skin them or pull them in to be cleanly compliant with then new theme.

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  33. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I’ll definitely look into some plugins Howard.

    Maybe we can get Mr Papa to skin a version of this theme for Simple Forum. It would also be fairly easy to add a bbPress template (now that I’ve worked on putting a bbPress template together for this site).

    I’m not up on what the most popular gallery plugins there are though.

  34. Galwin
    Galwin Published |

    Hi Justin! I commend you for the community theme. I’m your fan!

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