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  1. Amir
    Amir Published |

    Congratulations Justin.

    I have been checking up for updates regularly … been waiting to see the new version …

    I will be sharing my feedback of course.

    Great theme already … cant wait to see the new OPTIONS

  2. Armen
    Armen Published |

    You are to be truly commended for this, Justin. I highly respect your innovation, and dedication.

  3. Sucharith
    Sucharith Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Great & thanks a million for releasing the 1.1 version. I’ll update the same and let you know if I see any errors… but i dobt i will 🙂


  4. Bryan
    Bryan Published |

    Amazing work Justin! You deserve a good rest now.

    And then perhaps a Structure update. 😉

  5. chris
    chris Published |

    I cant seem to locate the config.php file in the includes folder

  6. John Scott
    John Scott Published |

    Excellent work Justin, I have just downloaded it and will start playing around with it right now!
    Are you planning on incorporating any of the Options features into the update of Structure?

  7. donalyza
    donalyza Published |

    I really like your work. Your design is way better than the so-called “premium themes”. Keep up the good work. The good thing here is its FREE!

    You and Small Potato are one of my fave in WP Community!

  8. Ben
    Ben Published |

    congrats for the new version! 🙂
    excellent theme!

  9. arthurgogol
    arthurgogol Published |

    Nice job.

    I’ve downloaded it and goin to try it tomorrow.

    Thanks again to you.

    I will see to youmy work with your baby.

  10. PremiumWP
    PremiumWP Published |

    Excellent work Justin. The Options theme just keeps getting better and better.

  11. Rehan Ahmed
    Rehan Ahmed Published |

    Well thats Excellent I Really do like it …!
    Are you planning on incorporating any of the Options features into the update…?

  12. yoichi
    yoichi Published |

    Hi Justine,

    I’ll be working on this over the weekend and hopefully get you the Japanese mot file.

    Great work as always!


  13. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Something wrong with background of “post list tab” section.
    Even in dark style background under text part of section – #F7F7F7/

  14. Tapeleg
    Tapeleg Published |

    Nice work. I’m ready to start digging in to the thing. Get some sleep!

  15. Sam
    Sam Published |

    Looks like the features gallery doesn’t work. 8(

  16. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks. Please do share your feedback. As with most of my releases, there’s the inevitable .1, and now it looks like there’ll be an Options 1.1.2 in the coming week or so.

    That definitely means a lot coming from you. Here I am thinking the same about your work most of the time. 🙂

    Trust me. There’ll be plenty of bugs. It’s unavoidable with a project of this size and only little ol’ me coding it.

    The Structure update is coming. Sometime in the very near/far future.

    Sorry about that. It should be in your app folder. I’ll update the post above.

    John Scott
    I’ll probably port the widgets over when I know they’re working great. Of course, the widgets for this theme came from Structure originally. I might incorporate the option of choosing the type of category/post tabs display you want too.

    Mostly, I want to take these two themes in very different directions. Structure is very much a three-column widgetized theme, and I want to continue building on that with WordPress 2.5’s new widget control panel. I want to pretty much widgetize everything with that theme. Options will only have widgetizable sidebars, so the features are going to vary greatly.

    Thanks. It’s too bad SP is saying goodbye to the WordPress community for the most part. I suppose I’ll have to pick up the slack. 🙂

    Thanks. 🙂

    Make sure to get the version 1.1.1 update if you’re using WordPress 2.3. There are some widget issues.

    I only hope to continue building upon it, so look out for future updates.

    Rehan Ahmed
    This is the Options theme, so the Options features are already included.

    You don’t rest when it comes to helping out with translations, so thank you for that. Let me know if I missed anything. There are so many files, that I’m sure I forgot to do something correctly.

    I don’t see what you mean. I’ve ran it with all three styles and can’t find a background color problem.

    If you can’t get the features gallery to work, just stop by the support forums, and we’ll try to help. It’s usually a JavaScript conflict somewhere.

  17. Chad
    Chad Published |

    Impressive! Now I’m going to jet over to the forum as I have some questions about integrating some of these features into my Structure Theme (another theme which I have fallen in love with). Awesome Justin.

  18. groovy
    groovy Published |

    Thanks for listening to all our feedback and making it happen! This is a timely release and edges things forward at just the right pace. My only (slight)concern is the number of queries as these features increase. Keeping the code clean and efficient is so important for a busy website. I would love to see a a way to take a snapshot of all the static processes and convert them into an HTML file that serves without unnecessary queries. Of course there are many dynamic calls and these must be maintained for site running, but there are many others that are repeated every time page loads and they never change, once the options have been set. You could say that this issue belongs to a caching management process and nothing to do with the theme, but caching has its own problems, especially if you use a shared server. Anyway, a conversation for another time maybe …

  19. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    I try to play with active/deactive some plugins and understand that background problem in “post list tab” section because of some incompatibility with Brian’s Threaded Comments. Hm…

  20. m
    m Published |

    Wow, thanks. I’ve been waitin’ for this. Well done!

  21. Kim
    Kim Published |

    Justin – totally awesome!!! now only one more update to wait for (official 2.5 WordPress) and I will be happy!!! I am off to play with the theme more and personalize it and make it my own 🙂

    Also thank you for looking forward to more CMS-type functioning with your theme; I will be managing one in a few months and would love to use your theme for it – it is so versatile and so easy to use.

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  23. Amir
    Amir Published |

    I have been using this theme on my online literary magazine for over a month now. While writing the editorial today, I finally rememberd to thank you, Justin, for this wonderful theme. http://libremagazine.com/editorial/editorial/

    I will be putting up a small banner for it on the site soon.

    I also found some discussion going on about 2 sidebars … whenever that is implemented, I all for it 🙂

  24. Christine
    Christine Published |

    I’m using blue danube but the header is showing “Options Theme what wordpress themes should be like”
    I can’t figure out how to change it to my blog title! On the light style it doesn’t do that.

    any help is appreciated 🙂

    btw, thanks for the awesome theme!

  25. Christine
    Christine Published |

    ok, duh. nevermind. I found the image. It didn’t appear as an image on my site, but I figured it out. Thanks!

  26. arthurgogol
    arthurgogol Published |

    Is it ok with wordpress 2.5 RC3 ?

  27. MhawSayar
    MhawSayar Published |

    Yo! Yo! At last , the greatest themes are coming out now!! I’ve been waiting for it. Thank you so much Justin! You’re the MAN! 😀

    I love Blue Danube, but the others 2 are Awesome too! I’ll write a special post on my blog about these themes!

    Thank in advance Justin! Cheers!

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  29. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    To everyone
    In case you missed it, make sure to get Version 1.1.1-a instead. There were a few glitches with widgets (especially for WP 2.3 users).

    The Structure and Options themes are taking very different paths in the future. I am however, going to include a custom section in the next update of the Structure theme, so maybe you can use that.

    You’re right to be concerned about database queries. I’ve cut back on some of them for sure this time but will be continuing to find ways to cut back as much as possible.

    My advice here is to not use every single widget/tab/section available. The theme wasn’t really made for that, and I sometimes regret allowing users five home page sections because of this very reason. I figured they’d find a way to do anyway though.

    I’ll definitely keep building upon it. At the same time, I want to continue cutting back on the code and queries as much as possible.

    If you find any areas that could be changed, feel free to let me know in the forums, and I’ll add it to the next release.

    Thanks for letting me know. I don’t know why a comment plugin would effect the post list tabs though. Interesting…

    Thank you. Let me know how things go.

    Well, it looks like 2.5 is out, so make sure to get your copy. Unfortunately for me, I have to make sure bbPress is running with 2.5 before I can upgrade this site.

    I’m currently rewriting the code for the theme settings page. If I can keep the code light, I’ll implement a lot of this into the administration panel in the next release. I think there are many people that would like to see some more CMS-type functionality for more than just the home page.

    I’m glad you’ve found it easy. That’s the goal — to allow as many people as possible and as easily as possible to show off their sites in a variety of ways.

    Thanks for the link back to your site. The two sidebar discussion that’s happening is about making the single sidebar a double sidebar. I don’t plan to implement this or two sidebars into future releases because it would make the CSS files even bigger, and I’m trying to cut back on those.

    I’m glad you figured it out. If you have questions though, ask them over on the forums.

    Yes, it works with RC3, but WordPress 2.5 is now officially out. Things seem to be working fine.

    Thanks for the compliments. I’ve fallen in love with Blue Danube too. I was tired of looking at the Dark stylesheet for so long that it was a nice refresher to work on something else.

  30. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Justin, tell me please, what i must cut if i wish hide thumb images in “Full Posts” section?

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  33. Donna
    Donna Published |

    I am dropping by to give my thanks for your wonderful themes. I have used Facebooked and Structure. Now I am using your fabulous Options theme.

    Thank you!

  34. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    when i use translation file the theme doesnt work!
    someone knows where is the problem?

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  36. Prashant
    Prashant Published |

    Excellent work! One of the best themes out there. Where do I pay? 🙂

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