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  1. African Boy
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  3. CodeRed
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    Wow, very cool to see how others have utilized this great theme. It’s neat that they’re all similar in a way, but distinctly different. Thanks for the include, Justin.

  4. M-ALO.DK
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  5. Congratulations are in order!:
    Congratulations are in order!: at |
  6. Raimy
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    It’s great to see the amazing things people can do with this amazing theme! I am honored to be included here, thanks Justin.

  7. theKaizer1
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    Thanks a lot for including my blog! You have created a great theme.

  8. Sharing Sites on Sunday:
    Sharing Sites on Sunday: at |
  9. Tony
    Tony Published |

    A friend of mine (Jenny at theweejenny.net) pointed this out to me. Thanks for highlighting mine here (attackofthepowerbrick). Your theme honestly just did exactly what I wanted, it’s really amazing. I had a design in my head and I’ve had to make a lot of compromises (originally it was to be custom built, but I never got the money I hoped to put toward funding that), but this just worked out so well that I can’t possibly complain.

    You know, I tried to send you a book as thanks… but Amazon apparently thinks it has the wrong address for you? They wound up sending it back and I got a refund. Is that still incorrect?

  10. Tony
    Tony Published |

    Also, I’m slightly embarassed that AdBrite keeps giving me ads with scantily glad women in them, especially now that it’s been immortalized in a screen grab lol.

  11. Flora Plume | Cody Redmon - Photoblog
  12. Anonymous
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    hello justin
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  13. BoltClock
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    CSS modification, eh? Sounds like I could do something like what I’m doing for Sandbox.

  14. Ed Z
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    Hi Justin, I’m flattered to be mentioned in your theme customization gallery! I think it’s more of a testament to a well designed theme that even I with my meager css/php skills could customize it to my liking!

    I’m looking forward to trying v. 1.1!

  15. BoltClock
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    Justin, do you think there someday might be an Options Designs Competition, like how Scott did it with Sandbox? 😛

  16. thinkjayant
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    hi justin,

    i liked your theme very much. it is well made and balanced. i don’t have php experience but did well with its default option.

    i have a problem though. Does your theme having widgets slows its loading time. i around 4 widget in a page and 8-9 plug ins. i think it loads a bit slow off lately. any ideas?

    also feel free to bookmark or take screen shots of my theme. I have just started and plan to grow big. Will always put your theme link in my credits page.

    PS : i intend to use your site with more mods. i think you will like it. have a look at it.

    by the way…. THANKS and THUMBS UP

  17. andy
    andy Published |

    scantily “glad” women? One wonders what yould make them more happy. Perhaps some more clothes. Maybe they’re cold.

  18. Showcasing another 10 great Options theme mods
  19. andri
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    Thanks for share us the best mods brotha…

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