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  1. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    Looks really good, Justin. The colors really help the readability of your contentโ€”always a plus. And the retro look in the header and footer is pretty cool too. Gives everything a fun, let’s-try-some-cool-stuff-with-WordPress vibe.

    Thanks for the nod to ThemeShaper. I appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Grant Palin
    Grant Palin Published |

    Very nice. I like the light look, non-crowded look. Did you consciously make the decision to use a wide fixed layout? I see more and more sites these days moving beyond the old baseline of 800×600 – not that I mind.

    Just a tip, you have an error with the label tag for the name field – you missed the “=” in the “for” attribute.

    So many sites with new looks these days, I really must try to get my redesign out the door ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Grant Palin
    Grant Palin Published |

    Yah that’s a choice I’ve been pondering myself. I know 800×600 is the common baseline currently, but being able to go beyond that frees up your design and layout options. Posting code is one reason, photos is another.

  4. Tanguillo
    Tanguillo Published |

    It looks very nice! I really like the colors, they make the blog look very clean, and the readability is very good. The search box, and the slightly separation between the content and the sidebar look great too.

  5. CircleReader
    CircleReader Published |

    “Room to breathe” –it’s definitely got that, Justin. Very nice!

  6. dinsan
    dinsan Published |

    Looks real good Justin… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. falguni1
    falguni1 Published |

    very excellent and stylish theme. beautiful.
    one thing is missing – a footer where we can place some cool stuff.

  8. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    This is totally sweet. That’s all I can say.

  9. Justin Tadlock’s new Retro-fitted theme » BoltPress
  10. Dan Butcher
    Dan Butcher Published |

    Looks great! Very easy on the eyes.

    Justin, you mentioned that less than 3% of your visitors use 800×600–how are you capturing that data?

  11. globetrotteri
    globetrotteri Published |

    I think it looks terrific. Well done.

  12. Ian H.
    Ian H. Published |

    Looks really good – I like the lighter colours. I changed your Structure theme to light colours a little similar to what you’ve got here, though mine has less variance between colours.

  13. WPModder
    WPModder Published |

    Very sharp!

  14. deus62
    deus62 Published |

    Great job, Justin.
    It’s a major improvement over the most recent look. This one has got more “class” and a much better layout.


    Did you do the archives page by hand, or is that a plugin? I want a simple list like that for my site.

  15. Grant Palin
    Grant Palin Published |

    I agree that your audience would figure into your decision on layout in a large way. Even then, I like that we are able to start taking advantage of more screen space. Usability and backwards compatibility are all well and good, but it is important to weigh that against making progress.

  16. Noah
    Noah Published |

    IE really does suck. If everyone would switch to FF the world would be a better place. LOL

  17. Oh no :/
    Oh no :/ Published |

    I think new theme… suck as much as can. It looks like pink blog.

    IE really does suck. If everyone would switch to FF the world would be a better place. LOL

    I’m using FF but I think You are a FF fanatic.

  18. Dan Butcher
    Dan Butcher Published |

    Very useful–I haven’t delved far enough into Google Analytics and didn’t know it captured monitor size–that’s awesome!

  19. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Justin Tadlock,

    It’s time for your site. And JustinTadlock.com is more attractive now, I really do love the old-book’s paper like color, yes it’s some time in the past.

  20. RebeccaJ
    RebeccaJ Published |

    I really like the colors you’ve chosen and it definitely has a clean look.

    I noticed them over on your forums and really liked them, too.
    Nice to put a face to the comments.

    Great job!

  21. Nick
    Nick Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Nice template…congrats on this! Planning to share this template with us? That would be awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep it up!

  22. K
    K Published |

    Justin, this is really a neat theme, more easy to read the text. I’ll echo on Nick.

  23. Moho
    Moho Published |

    Mm… I hate themes like this one, Justin. Pink-purple design, those “flowers” in corners of menus… i cant see them on my LCD monitor, those are too bright. You should better work with Options Theme, I think.

  24. Moho
    Moho Published |

    I didn’t say “use Options theme!” :/
    Mm… i only think You should make next update for Options Theme becouse some things still didnt work (only on my blog?). There are still problems with widgets. There should be more things in this theme I think.

  25. Aris
    Aris Published |

    Everything is good, but I dont like the header.

  26. Carrie
    Carrie Published |

    Yep. I’ve been in Asia for just over six years. We moved to Taiwan in 2006 after living in China for three years. I love the ease of grid-skipping. It’s impossible to do this kind of traveling back home. Be sure to let us know if you’re heading this way. We have regular blogger hoe-downs and they’re loads of fun.

  27. Aris
    Aris Published |

    Not about the logo, your logo is really “you”. But i means the page link box, i think its better placed near header line and use same color.

  28. monatajo
    monatajo Published |

    eye catching…. i said for this themes

  29. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    love the theme. .. . great work, as always.

  30. Rebella
    Rebella Published |

    awesome, this theme is responsive too ?

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