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  1. Charles
    Charles Published |

    Hi Justin,

    The pics are just ok. It looks like you live in mostly a jungle of brick, mortor, concrete and pavement. And while the area where you now live appears to be very clean, well kept and upscale, as a Mid-westerner living on a small farm, it doesn’t really make me want to visit S. Korea. Do you think it will excite your family? I doubt it looks much like “home.”

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  3. Christine
    Christine Published |

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like a clean place to live, ahem. except for the ‘mans massage’ scene.

  4. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    Some nice shots you got here, Justin, although my friend told a whole different story about her trip to South Korea.

    Speaking of big buildings, Singapore is seriously cramped with high-risers because as is commonly known, we’re one of the densest countries. So cramped, it’s almost impossible to walk barely a hundred yards without seeing a high-rise flat. Some of the big buildings that you saw are residences I bet?

  5. Daddy
    Daddy Published |

    Good to see some more pics,son. You’ll remember all these places for a long time, but it always helps to look at pictures and reminiscence.

  6. Sueli Brodin
    Sueli Brodin Published |

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. It’s very nice to get a glimpse of your life in South Korea and the area where you live. I’m very interested in Korean culture, after seeing a number of Korean films and television drama series. I also like the sound of Korean. I often wonder what life must be like in different parts of South Korea (Seoul and the rest of the country). It’s always difficult to get a true picture of a country just by watching films and soap operas so it’s great to see this type of shots. Maybe next time you can try to take photographs with people in them :).

  7. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |


    Thanks for sharing this gallery, the area you live is mostly clean and beautiful, speacially LOVERS’ BENCH is very attractive place, I wonder if every lover out there likes to visit there.

    I would like to visit Far East Asia once in a lifetime…

  8. Dan Butcher
    Dan Butcher Published |

    Lovely! And much more green that I expected with the trees and landscaping. Were those azaleas by the lovers’ bench?

  9. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    Actually, I don’t exactly recall what my friend told me about her stay… I think she only mentioned her shopping sprees, skiing lessons and such that I’m not interested in.

  10. Cody
    Cody Published |

    I like the pictures, Justin, thanks for sharing them with us. I’m not from the mid-west, but they’re still cool to see from my seat here in Montana. 🙂 What I noticed is how everything there seems to have been designed or laid out with some attention to aesthetics – the place looks to have a cool feel to it…and it’s clean. Hope you’re enjoyin’ it!

  11. Lady G~
    Lady G~ Published |

    My favorite is, The Lover’s Bench. Probably cause I’m a romantic. *swooning* Ah…. LOL!

    I enjoy reading about your stay in South Korea. I know you have to be careful of what you share, but would really like to read more about it. How’s your teaching job going? Have you been able to travel to any other part of Asia?

    Praying for you…

  12. Webhost Tips
    Webhost Tips Published |

    South Korea, fourth largest economy in Asia, is just amazing. It’s one of the places I long to visit. Thanks, Justin, for posting the pictures.

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