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  1. Miraz Jordan
    Miraz Jordan Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I just downloaded Structure yesterday to test out for a new site I’m putting together, and here’s an update. 🙂

    Except, I can’t persuade the download to give me 1.2. It still keeps giving me 1.1.5. I’ve cleared cache and tried different browsers – no joy.

    Can you confirm that i should be getting 1.2 not 1.1.5?



  2. Miraz Jordan
    Miraz Jordan Published |

    Thanks for the speedy response. I’ll keep trying.

    I think it might be some kind of caching at my ISP level….

    Heh. Must get a gravatar some day…



  3. Miraz Jordan
    Miraz Jordan Published |

    OK, finally got the new version. I’m looking forward to playing. Thanks again, Justin. You’re in my feed reader now. 🙂



  4. Bryan Harley
    Bryan Harley Published |

    I’m considering waiting for a change log before I update my site. BUT… I may not be able to contain myself. 😉

  5. Christine
    Christine Published |

    I like it, very clean and pretty 🙂 I also like the random posts option in the tabs widget.

    Thank you!

  6. Anderssauro
    Anderssauro Published |

    Hey, the name in the demo site is “Options Theme” and no “Structure Theme” 😛

    anyway, is very very good!

  7. Bryan Harley
    Bryan Harley Published |

    Thanks Justin. Yeah, after looking at the files… this is going to be involved, haha. I think I’ll wait for the upgrade documentation.

  8. Dhaval Jani
    Dhaval Jani Published |

    Thanks a lot Justin for this awesome update!!! I love structure theme and am still trying to modify css and will also start modifying the template… i love the gravatars integration and the thumbnails in recent post…. i saw the demo for posts when u click the image, it doesnt show the picture in post but i havent seen the help or gone to forums yet so guessing that we can put this using regular method or custom tag!?… here is what i have done so far to css http://www.studyguideuk.com/blog and all articles are test articles… still might add some parts from the new theme or just update the theme and take out video part as i dont think i would use it in this site… i would love to use the recent list n some parts from new n still keep the index more like old one 🙂 will email you once all is up for credit removal… thanks again for keeping the awesome theme alive… or giving it a rebirth!!

  9. Dhaval Jani
    Dhaval Jani Published |

    Thanks. Yes the site is structure + visionary inspired… still going to make some major changes n if health permits, that would be done soon… love ur work! thanks again for such great contribution… wish i was good at designing + php + css… i dont know anything i just look for tutorials n help and work on it and forums are great too thanks again…

  10. hamdanm
    hamdanm Published |

    when I click the live demo, I got the Structure Theme preview, but its title is Options. The footer is also a double name.

    sorry for my bad english, but hopefully this post is still understandable.

  11. m
    m Published |

    Hooray for the update! Customizing was time consuming & challenging in the first release. I’ll download this version and play around with it a bit before upgrading my site. Thanks for all the hard work!

  12. Mathieu
    Mathieu Published |

    Hi Justin

    Thank you for this very nice theme 😉
    I have just a question for you: how is possible to make available for Wordpress Multi-User(WPMU)this theme ?

    thank you

    ps: I’m not yet a WP and WPMU specialist sorry

  13. constant
    constant Published |

    this release is simply amazing! i tested so many themes, but is THE ONE!
    thank you, Justin!
    [pls excuse my english, i’m not a native speaker]

  14. constant
    constant Published |

    huh! it works just great, i’m happy i found it 🙂 but i just did not figure out how to use the “custom A”, “custom B” and “C”.
    It could be just my anti-technical structure (sorry 4 my english), but i hope i will understand somehow. If you have the time to give me one little clue, i’ll be happy.
    thank’s, man!!

  15. debi
    debi Published |

    wow….you should be rich!! If every download was charged at only $1.00 just think how many MONITORS you could buy!! Come on people!! A DOLLAR A DOWNLOAD??? is that asking too much?

    Heck…get .25 each… still would add up!!

  16. ket
    ket Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Nice theme. It would be great if you integrate vertical jcarousel on the recentpost lists.

  17. Totok Purwanta
    Totok Purwanta Published |

    Thank’s for Justin, nice theme. I place my blog http://to2k.com

  18. WordPress Theme:Structure 1.2 - 漫步
  19. Slight upgrade
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  21. vas
    vas Published |

    In the blue theme the text is not wrapping the Thumbnail picture in the post blocks. But it is ok in Dark theme. Not tested the light one.

  22. vas
    vas Published |

    Sorry posted in the wrong place. In the Avant browser it shows correctly.

  23. vas
    vas Published |

    Cookie problem I hope please ignore the comment on the thumbnail issue.

  24. Structure
    Structure at |
  25. Ghaly Ziaulhaq
    Ghaly Ziaulhaq Published |

    Why can not I use these themes justin

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