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  1. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    Now that’s something a little more traditional 🙂

  2. Mid
    Mid Published |

    This small stone dam, nice one 😉

  3. Jimmy
    Jimmy Published |

    That looks like such a beautiful place.

  4. WordPress Modder
    WordPress Modder Published |

    It’s always interesting to see pictures from these far off places. Thanks for sharing Justin!

  5. Kay Kastum
    Kay Kastum Published |

    Speak some word of Korean for us!

  6. Sueli Brodin
    Sueli Brodin Published |

    Thank you very much for sharing these photographs! I was intrigued by the picture showing people washing their faces (and hair?) with warm water and was wondering if there was some kind of symbolism behind this.
    Is the Korean Folk Village an open air museum about Korean traditions?
    I recently saw a beautiful (and very moving) Korean film on Dutch television called Jibeuro (The way home in English). It showed life in a hamlet high up in the mountains, very remote in so many aspects from Seoul.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Very cool photos. The perspective you chose for “Eating Wheat” mixed with her reaction created a really great shot.

  8. Lady G~
    Lady G~ Published |

    Love the pictures and the captions. I enjoy reading and learning about other cultures. Hope you are enjoying your stay in Korea.

  9. Igor P
    Igor P Published |

    Hey there, Justin, themes and blog are awesome!
    Are you still in South Korea?

  10. Carrie
    Carrie Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I know your site is primarily for your amazing themes, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the added bonus of being able to read about your life in Korea. These photos are great. I hope you post more soon!

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  12. Gihwa
    Gihwa Published |

    I am very glade to see photos of my country : )

    Maybe the day was Dano.
    Dano is the festival on the fifth day of May of the lunar clendar.
    Women washed their hair in water boiled with Sweet Flag, believed to make their hair shiny Anciently. And people thought that is talismanic.
    These days it’s just a celebration for Dano.

    You can get more information here.

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