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  1. Madhu Rao
    Madhu Rao Published |

    I’m back after a while and must say your new site is amazing. We exchanged a couple of mails and you were going to help me with my site — that somehow fizzled out as you were busy.

    Since you packed in so much of what I needed into Options, I’m a proud user of your Options theme now. I’m sure me moonlighting in PHP on your code has not produced anywhere quite the result you would have on my site, but would appreciate if you could take a peek and let me know of your thoughts..


  2. ...paul
    ...paul Published |

    Looks really good Justin. I like blue on websites, and there would have to be far more for me to think it was too much. I especially like the typography, it’s really clean and easy to read.

    I shall look forward to seeing what you’re doing for the “normal blog theme”. I’ve been considering a change on my blog, and, as much as I like your current themes, they seem to be a lot more than I need.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    I really like this. Clean, clear, and it’ll be easy to navigate. Can’t wait to see the ‘real’ version!

  4. AxYoung
    AxYoung Published |

    I like it as well. A Lot! Any chance sidebar tabs can be included option?

  5. Susaba
    Susaba Published |

    Just found your work on google and it is amazing! Very good work!
    I was wondering… Do you make layouts? I mean, off-work.
    Sorry about my bad bad english. XD
    Thanks *

  6. Susana
    Susana Published |

    Sorry, it’s Susana. XD

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Looking forward to the launch!

  8. Raimy
    Raimy Published |

    It looks good, easy access to all the sections from the main page (as you mentioned) without being too “busy”. Now about the blue (since you mentioned it first :D) although it’s businesslike and acceptable, to me it seems formal or impersonal but I always tend towards soothing earth colors myself.

    I seriously don’t mean to knock it, I like the layout and accessiblilty a lot.

  9. Malayalam Blogging
    Malayalam Blogging Published |

    Yes, too much of blue πŸ™ good layout, but try some other colors to and let users vote for it ? πŸ˜‰

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    All in all I like it, but if I should find some issues it would be:

    – The list symbols (the v’s and the bullets), they are a bit dull.
    – A lot of whitespace at the top around the project M is about box
    – Maybe you could sanitize in the page links in the top. The about page could be in the boilerplate, together with contact. I don’t know what the articles link would show other than the archives, maybe that’s a bit much in the top-navigation (but traffic analysis on your existing site will show the use of the archives link) I would put the archives link right after the last list on the page. Is there really a need for a home link?
    – The colors are nice, but the blue right next to the content is a bit strong, almost turquoise.
    – As a frequent visitor I would like to see a tab box with latest stuff in the sidebar. Latest comments on the post, latest comments in the forum, maybe latest contributions. But maybe that would take a little out of the simplistic look you’re going for.
    – Ads in the sidebar isn’t always the greatest solution. It pollutes your sidebar, reducing the value of the content out there. A small 468*60 banner at the top of every post generates much better CTR’s (in my experience). It’s a huge discussion about ads, that you’ve already started here under the headline monetization. I’m generally saying: Reduce the number of ads, but make them effective. Of cause a small topbanner is also pollution, but I would say less than sidebar ads.
    – Wouldn’t your list of latest articles have a bunch of pictures of you, if you go with the gravatar next to the headline? That might be perceived as a bit narcissistic πŸ˜‰

    But all in all I like the look, and I’m looking forward to the feel πŸ™‚

  11. beautymakeupdivas.com
    beautymakeupdivas.com Published |

    I would like to get this current theme used here.

  12. Tharique Azeez
    Tharique Azeez Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Wow.. Looks great. Looks fantastic. I’ll putting some suggestions and comments of mine about the design.

    – The Blue looks fantastic and it has the value and power of WP. But, just try with white background, I think it seems great and readable.

    – Shall we have a glossy logo for Project M? I think, it would give some attractive to the project, where Web 2.0 comes into play.

    – The way you listed the articles and links are very clean and clear. Its second for none.

    – Just add a tab, like options theme, with most popular, most commented and most downloaded links. It make user to find what is hot right now.

    – I think having a horizontal line under the each post will clearly differ each post. And also, it gives some extra beauty to the theme.

    Awaiting with anticipation of the launch of Project M. Hope to support with Localization in Tamil language and Documentations.

    Best of luck and have a great day.

    Best smile,
    Tharique Azeez

  13. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    All you need are rounded corners and some hot jQuery UI action.

  14. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Nice looking, I’m very happy to see the beginnings of Project M, I would vote the layout to remain as is, let the articles occupy their own room instead of the front page, we want something unique not so crowded front page like “Hack WordPress”.

    But, do you want the (w) Logo? What about if you turn it upside down, so it would be (M) meaning project (M), that’s my idea about the logo, but I figure out that you already come out different project name instead of Project M.

    As Trendminers suggested, I would expect some fresh stuff to be displayed some where in the home page(e.g. Latest themes, latest forum posts, Hot Forum Posts, Latest comments, etc…), rating system would be perfect, too.

    The colors are freak, though.

  15. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    Actually… it is too blue.

  16. Guillermo
    Guillermo Published |

    How do you manage your time to do all this stuff???
    Definetly I want to know your secret!
    Great work, I can wait for your updates…

  17. beautymakeupdivas.com
    beautymakeupdivas.com Published |

    when you release this theme I see here please dont change the layout or colors anything. It is so beautiful. There is no same theme like this on the net today.

  18. ZetaSagittarii
    ZetaSagittarii Published |

    I know I’m not making myself useful by saying this but, whatever shades of blue you decide to use for Project M it’s going to be fine with me, as I’ll definitely be there for the content. πŸ™‚

    That said, I’d really like to see the access links to the said content maybe a little more grouped together(?), whether it stays in the top nav or in the ‘sidebar’ – where an implementation of something in the lines of Joomla’s YOOaccordion would serve well in my opinion.

    And just a side sugestion: would you implement OpenID login on it? I really started using it widely and I rather find it useful.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Madhu Rao
    Madhu Rao Published |

    Will do Justin. Infact I had a fix(or I thought) for it yesterday that hosed me up for a few hours. I will ask my doubts on the on the forum..

    And on your emails and what you do — donno how you do it all !

  20. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    I like it; but Justin, as someone who’s designed perhaps the best Wordpress theme I was hoping for more pizzazz.

    The design is functional; but I was hoping for more colour.

  21. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    You know what, I’ve changed my mind somewhat; I think I’m way too in love with ‘Feature Image’

  22. Jigzaw
    Jigzaw Published |

    Hi, the download link over at: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2007/04/22/reaching-darkness-wordpress-theme is broken. I’d really like to have that theme…

  23. MhawSayar
    MhawSayar Published |

    Dear Justin, I know you’ll do the best! πŸ™‚
    As I’ve ever seen before, current design for project-M is too cool, clean and clear. I love it with blue.

    Looking forward to advance!

  24. K
    K Published |

    Looks good Justin, I’d hope there’s ‘white in black’ – personally, I wanted some easy to use stylesheet. No clutter. simple. clean theme is what drives me crazy. The “ads” is optional right? How about sidebars tabs?

    Looking forward to this.

  25. Jigzaw
    Jigzaw Published |

    Rats! Cuz I saw the original page that you got the inspiration for an loved it! Sigh… back to square one then.

    Btw, it’s Jigzaw with a Z πŸ˜‰

  26. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Looking good Justin… Just back from serious loss of hard drives – lost 3 out of 4! Even with very good backups that takes time to recover from. Message hard drives will fail, the only real question is when. BACKUP often everyone.

    I like the blue as well.

  27. Jigzaw
    Jigzaw Published |

    That’s okay πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the club. Btw, what’s the URI?

  28. byron
    byron Published |

    While I’m totally jazzed about Project M, I still waiting for the Justin fan club to come out…I want to be a charter member! The stuff you’re building rocks! Sorry for gushing there.

    Seriously, I’m using Options on a couple of sites, frankly, it’s like some sort of drug…once you start using it, you just can’t stop…everything else loses its flavor.

    As for the Project M design. I love the clean layout and look. It is a bit too much like Wordpress or Lorelle for my tastes. I’m certainly no design genius, but a subtle tip of the hat to Wordpress and something all your own might be cool. That said, you could dress it up in pink candy stripes and I’d be there.

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done…particularly the new “Blog” like theme.

    Best regards,

  29. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Just looked at the first glimpse again – I couldn’t help it… http://www.f1racing.dk/em/m.jpg

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