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  1. steupz
    steupz Published |

    That dark theme is wicked. It would be cool to clikc on the link on my dark theme and see the forum looking like that.

    It would be like if I were still on my site, lol

  2. Avi M
    Avi M Published |

    Wow! This is looking great! Well done sir!

  3. Tharique Azeez
    Tharique Azeez Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Wow… “the more people we have working on it and using it, the better it becomes.”.. yes.. of course. I looking forward to the launch of Project M and new bbPress themes.

    What an outstanding effort.. Keep growing boy.. I know you have the passion of being the wordpress geek. I hope.

    I love all the new designs, especially the ‘options’ theme styled forum design… It looks fantastic.

    Thanks a lot.
    Tharique Azeez

  4. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |


    I see, you lost vast amount of energy on creating bbPress themes. For me, I made one for a customer, and it was really a headache. First, because, I was new to bbPress, and secondly because, it has so many templates to build. It took me 17 days to complete it.

    What about someone making all this for free? I agree it’s time to lure people towards the MADE IN WORDPRESS with the slogan “Code is Poetry”. Because, I would not recommend a WordPress fan to use SMF, PHPbb or another standalone forum software once there’s specialized WordPress forum.

    Since I am Options fan, I downloaded Options bbPress theme alpha.

  5. milo
    milo Published |

    What about positioning blocks different than the usual forum layouts?
    Or adding new sources?

    I think a forum does not have to look same as any other one, you might check this one: forum.3oneseven.com and say your thoughts.

    Btw: what about a comment subscription option? I’ve built one into the functions file, works like a charm.

  6. edoluz
    edoluz Published |

    Hi Justin, you are damn right!
    bbpress needs more users, and more users need more themes and support!
    I’d like to use this forum for its easily implementation with wp, but the lack of themes and new plugins makes me wait for something better.
    I’m sure that with the M project you will help us to use this solid forum!

    I like very much all your themes, in particular the options two themes.

    Great work!

  7. Amanda Fazani
    Amanda Fazani Published |

    You’re making a great point here, Justin!

    I’m in the process of creating a new BBPress design for my own forum (which I’m actually integrating into my Blogger powered blog!).

    It’s taken me a little more time to understand how the template system works for BB Press than it did for other platforms, though so far I’m very pleased with the results 🙂

    Once the design is complete, I’ll pop my link here for you to take a look.

    What interested me most about BB Press is the plugin system. At the moment, there don’t seem to be many available (and only a handful of templates too), so if you have the time to develop any, i would certainly be interested to use them!

    I also like the idea of using BB Press as a support system, a feature I haven’t seen in other forum platforms, free or paid!

    Thanks for raising awareness of this, Justin!

  8. IndieLab
    IndieLab Published |

    I love WordPress, but if I remember correctly, the last time I tried bbPress, it did not include the most basic feature of a forum software, email subscription to post updates. Am I wrong?

  9. Sherry Dedman
    Sherry Dedman Published |

    I think this is great! I’ve just recently started making “matching forums” for WordPress sites using bbPress, and you are so right about the knowledge base, etc. I applaud any effort to promote bbPress, as it’s got the potential to be THE forum platform out there like its big brother, WordPress.

    Here is my own site that I made a matching bbPress forum for – it’s brand new. Easy Blog Help and the forum Easy Blog Help FORUM

  10. chrishajer
    chrishajer Published |

    Hey, I resemble that remark.

    I guess I did say that about a year ago, and you’re absolutely right, the project is still lacking. I spend a little time every day at the bbPress forum, trying to help where I can, because there are some things that WordPress users have come to expect that just don’t exist yet in bbPress. I want to see bbPress succeed.

    I am not certain that one theme for bbPress and one for WordPress is the way to go. With tens of thousands of themes for WordPress available, it would be impossible to create bbPress-compatible themes to match them all. There is currently no good method for reusing parts of your WordPress theme for bbPress. (I know there is the require_once(path/to/wp-blog-header.php); method, but that creates a lot of unnecessary overhead in bbPress, and WordPress steps on some bbPress functions.

    It is nice to see someone doing proper themes for bbPress though. Keep up the good work.

    Chris Hajer

  11. mbc
    mbc Published |

    Justin – nice to see you banging the bbPress drum, it’s a good product that whilst still in its infancy certainly shows promise. In fact I’ve been so inspired that I’ve used it for a forum on my own blog http://forum.mybarnconversion.com/ … although it needs some further work and promotion…

    Which plugins would you recommend – and as I’m a WP plugin developer considering bbPress what plugins would you like to see for bbPress?

  12. Jylan Wynne
    Jylan Wynne Published |

    I just found this post searching for people mentioning a lack of themes for bbpress, because I just installed it a few days ago. When I started looking for themes I was quite disappointed because there didn’t seem to be much variety or quantity…

    My (very new) forum is at briterwebdesign.com/forum/, I just used the theme that came with bbpress to make my custom one.

    Anyway Justin, will be looking forward to your future bbpress themes :-).

  13. milo
    milo Published |

    Options in grunge style? Might show me a mockup =)

  14. EmmaB aka Digit
    EmmaB aka Digit Published |

    Wow, I think I will try out bbPress for two new forums that I am thinking of adding on to my blogs.

  15. daveshine
    daveshine Published |

    hi there! this is awesome work, thanx justin!
    i would love to use a bbpress forum on my site in a few weeks or month but love to use the “light” design from the options theme. do you think i can change the “options blue” to the “light” design?
    i’m sorry to ask because you’re doing so much awesome things here but maybe i can change it myself or someone here can made a port.
    no problem i will think make the forum live this fall so it’s still a lot of time 🙂
    thanx again, dave 🙂

  16. _ck_
    _ck_ Published |

    You did a great job with these.
    My next theme is definitely going to be 960px.

    I’ve added your themes to the demo list here:

    and you can test your theme via the switcher:

    For some reason the “Options” dark theme doesn’t look so good on my site, it might be my plugins breaking it.

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  18. Mark S. Meritt
    Mark S. Meritt Published |

    Thanks so much for your work on bbPress themes. I wanted to use bbPress for the fan forum at my band’s website, but I’m nowhere near knowledgeable enough about themes and CSS to create my own or to totally and truly customize. I needed a theme that could at least fairly well complement my use of the PrimePress theme at my main site. Your Structure bbPress theme looked like it would be a great place to start, and it hasn’t taken me too long to customize it a bit to complement the main site pretty nicely. I think this will serve me really well for the “fan clan.” Thanks so much!

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  21. Lucas
    Lucas Published |

    omg i want the options dark!!! please release it!!


  22. macmend
    macmend Published |

    anything come of this?

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