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  1. dinu
    dinu Published |

    Hey, that demo page is giving internal server error 🙁

  2. ...paul
    ...paul Published |

    You seem to have got most bases covered Justin, and it looks really neat.

    A few suggestions for you:

    Add a Comments Section. With options to:
    — number comments;
    — display in reverse order;
    — highlight post author’s comments;
    — display gravatars, and their various options;
    — display tackbacks below comments, above, in chronological order, or not display.

    In General Settings, add:
    — option to set a different base font type and size;
    — options to display date and time in various formats.

    In Single Post, add:
    — option to display or hide sidebar(s)

    In Header and Footer Settings, add:
    — a new text box for additional CSS rules to be added.

    Hope that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for, and it’s of some help to you. I, personally, wouldn’t necessarily use all of them, but could see some real value for some sites in them.

    I’m still looking forward to getting a look at your new “Average Joe Theme” — even more so having seen this and the kind of work you’re putting into your themes.

  3. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Excellent production! I found of the credit removal tracker. If you didn’t, I’d suggest to encrypt the entire credit function plus several other functions, so it would be difficult to remove without permission, though it’s not a barrier to an advanced user.

    Another suggestion is a feedburner email subscription form widget, which grabs the user’s feedburner id from the feedburner id input box you have in the theme options page. And if the id isn’t available, makes the widget inactive. Haha, this needs loads of code though.

    Yet another suggestion would be an option to enable sidebar login form.

    Your creations rock, man. Looking forward your future promises. 😀


  4. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    Smart idea, using the admin CSS for collapsible sections. Very nice.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Hi Justin,
    looks great at the moment and I think paul gave you a lot more options. I think we need only more options if they not increase the loading of the pages. Otherwise it would be better to go into the stylesheets or php files…

    I really wonder how many hours your day has. Great support in your forums AND new ideas AND fast releases…


  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Great options Justin. Somedays back I was thinking of diving into the theme building to cover nearly all of the features your option theme covers.Now I am glad that I dont have to build that theme.

    Is there any thread where we can put the wishlist for the theme. I would like to put some suggestions.

    I really wonder how much time you have. It seems that you have even more then 30 hours 🙂

  7. edoluz
    edoluz Published |

    You work is always great Justin!
    What about the possibility to manage the sidebars in a way to have one or two of them, both on the right, on the left, or divided like in a three column theme?
    Is it possible?
    Maybe managing also the sizes in a easy way…

    Thanks!! 🙂 😀

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Hi Justin,
    I posted it already in the options feature request thread, but I hope you don’t mind a second time 😉

    Would be great to have an option to modify the footer, so we can put in some widgets perhaps in 3 or 4 columns…

  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Hi Justin,
    the idea of the widget sections sounds great.

    Another thing.
    I know that you call the visual editor in wordpress crap
    But I have a multiuser blog and not all users can work with the html editor.
    So I have to use the visual editor 🙁

    Is there a way to let optios theme work with floated images?
    I don’t want to change the class of every image to class=”left”…


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