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  1. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    Good luck, Justin!

  2. Epat
    Epat Published |

    great job justin 😉

  3. indian
    indian Published |

    I’m in your Club Justin 😉 i’m the Paid member of your theme club!

    Best of Luck Justin!

  4. Pangeran
    Pangeran Published |

    Well done…
    Finally the moment that I waited so long have arrive…

    For paid membership, wonder what else the different from free member besides the premium child theme every month…

  5. dinu
    dinu Published |

    Cool 🙂 going there right away 🙂

  6. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Well, Project M is finally ThemeHybrid. Honestly, you are the next WordPress Matt, Justin.

  7. Kasnomn
    Kasnomn Published |

    Sorry Justin… but I’m “leaving”. Im starting to hate something like this – You are making one of the best free themes for Wordpress. And now? And now we have membership like pay-for-theme or go away. Nah… ;(

  8. milo
    milo Published |

    Kudos Justin
    I love the hookline of ThemeHybrid =)

    Heard that Collis will open something like FlashDen for themes…
    That might kill the socalled “Premium” developers….

  9. indian
    indian Published |

    i saw your post in the Night time(IST). saw ThemeHybrid.com, i got 27$ in my PayPal 😉 simply sent you 25$ for Theme Club. Anyways i’m the first official Theme Club Member Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy!! 😉

  10. Tharique Azeez
    Tharique Azeez Published |

    Best of luck Justin.. The site looks great and fresh.

    Keep growing.

    Best smile,
    Tharique Azeez

  11. milo
    milo Published |

    Check this pls:
    the guy from NetTuts making this

  12. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Plus, I’ll be releasing the “Hybrid” theme (current theme for Theme Hybrid) at some point. I’m really doing some neat stuff with my development version of it and child themes.

    Cool 😀 But, Theme Hybrid should be unique, isn’t it?

  13. Kasnomn
    Kasnomn Published |

    And what we will have for free? Themes… only themes what will be actual for 3-4 weeks. Im shure that membership extends will be actual much more – every week…

  14. Leland
    Leland Published |

    Looks really interesting, I blogged about Theme Hybrid earlier today. Good luck with it!

  15. TheElder
    TheElder Published |

    Absolutely awesome Justin 😉 Good man! Moving the essentials to a new website and build on this breaking concept is a great idea – a very good and future safe package.

    @Kasnomn: My clear understanding is that it will make no impact on you or me as users! If we wish to use some of our savings we can get some extra goodies; however the existing themes and new themes will obviously continue their lifecycles and future developements…

    Hang in there 🙂

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  17. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Hmmm… Cool site, Justin.
    I Have one question – can other people earn money on this site? For example, someone (ok, it’s me) have a cool child theme and…

  18. Hyder
    Hyder Published |

    Justin, just wanted to send you a hat tip for the lovely play on the advertising you did for your themes club – as a response to another so called “themes club” that launched recently. Absolutely brilliant!

    Good luck with the themes club by the way!

    Most people won’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a developer thing 😉

  19. donalyza
    donalyza Published |

    I really like what you are doing. Giving away free themes, unlike other WP Theme Club that you have to pay just to get their themes. Oh Well…

    Keep up the Good Work Justin!

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  21. Jean
    Jean Published |

    You themes are great, I am more and more thinking going away for Joomla for a Wordpress set up with one of your themes !

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  23. merdiven
    merdiven Published |

    great blog justinn,

  24. Coafuri
    Coafuri Published |

    Thanks for sharing useful tips. I will check ThemeHybrid.com

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