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  1. Jylan Wynne
    Jylan Wynne Published |

    I like the new design on here Justin, the black and white looks really elegant. I can’t help noticing the search field looks a bit out of place though when it is selected, maybe it would look better a bit thinner?

  2. Ba7eth
    Ba7eth Published |

    When I opened the site I thought am in the wrong place :p. I like the site simplicity, and use of black and white colors.

  3. mkjones
    mkjones Published |

    I’m glad its temporary. Looks WAY too much like http://www.themeshaper.com.

  4. mkjones
    mkjones Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I understand why they look quite similar. You are creating a theme framework, much like he has so it makes sense that they would inherit the same type of elements.

    For 5 hours work its technically good but missing the design polish which I’m sure you’ll add later.

    Not keen on the darkness, how about some colour 🙂

  5. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Yeah I wanted to say the site looks like ThemeShaper, but not in the style, just the colors and the general layout. I cannot say the two sites are identical though.

    Back to the design this looks great, Justin. This design looks a book which is easy to read 😛

    Will you convert your old retro theme into a Hybrid/Options/Structure/Visionary child theme?

  6. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    Things are looking good here. I look forward to seeing where they wind up. You know I’m watching Hybrid development closely, right?

    This might ease your widget pain, Justin: Widget Logic.

  7. krishna
    krishna Published |

    hi justin

    i have been a follower of ur blog and themes for a long time.

    i like this new design but not the same as the older one . the previous one was really great one the colours the search bar and everything was so great. could see everything on the page with in few seconds of getting into the page. the lack of differentation in this page some thing i dint like.

    anyway its just one opinion. hybrid theme is great. looking farward to using it on mysite.

    all the best for popcritics.com

  8. Nedir
    Nedir Published |

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