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  1. luquerias
    luquerias Published |

    I’m really thankful to wordpress and his regular updateds but i see what happens to these people who complain… they just live with fear…. and we do not have to live with fear, at least with wordpress. The community does a great job.

    sorry for my english…. and thank you for this post.. really amazing

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  3. david
    david Published |

    I really am confounded by the number of complaints/reports of complaints I always hear. From 2.3–when I started using it–on, I haven’t seen an update that didn’t add many more improvements than hassles. Certainly they haven’t been perfect, but I much rather have a few disagreeable changes and some great new features than no changes at all.

    Also, with core upgrades and a way to install plugins without leaving the admin area, I’m very excited about 2.7. And that’s ignoring huge usability improvements.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    Yes, advancement is good. But the direction of advancement changes does it not?

    Is it advancement to keep adding more and more without end? is it advancement to take features used by a minority and add them to the code that must be downloaded and run by everyone? is it advancement to make changes that then need to be replaced because they were not really an advancement (according to some)?, is it advancement to ask the community, on the back of which the success has been built, to continually update themes and plugins with the result that more and more fall by the wayside?

    I would argue that advancement can mean slowing down and taking a more measured and considered approach to the future . It can mean giving others the time to bed features in and find ways to extend them. It can mean giving the community space to find new solutions and new ideas.

    Just because a person doesn’t want change on a half yearly basis, doesn’t necessarily mean they are against advancement.

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  6. Robert
    Robert Published |

    You just can’t please everybody. But for a software product, there’s only two choices: Evolve, or die.

    Staying at a level once deemed sufficient is a guaranteed way to oblivion, when the world around you continues to spin and avid developers throw out yet another blogging platform every other month.

  7. feekz
    feekz Published |

    thank WordPress updated

  8. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Hi Justin I love your work and I read your blog whenever I have time, but your post now is like
    ” It’s rather the argument to end all argument in a figurative sense” [ I hope this is the correct figure of speech for “Totschlagargument” ==>dict.leo.org ]

    I agree with Andrew, I love if WP have new things. But I hate new things 4 times a year.

    Yes a software is dead if there is no advancement, but nobody could say that typo3 is dead. 😉

    I love to update for security reason, but not for features every time.

    Sticky post is a very good plugin, now WP 2.7 have sticky posts but a very very simpler version as the popular plugin.

    There were wonderful tag pluging out there. WP now can handle tags, most of the plugins are down but the way WP handle tags is very very very simple, so simple tags is the last of the big tag plugging we have before WP can handle tags.

    I love a simple core and good Apis 😉

    And yes I remember the first version of WP too – 😉 It was fun and crazy and everyone asks me: blog —-??? -wordpress…???


  9. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Hi Justin maybe typo3 is only used at Europe, but most of the people do not know something about CMS – they know the word “Typo3” and thought “Typo3” is CMS and no software more.

    So someone would like to have a “business website” he said:typo3 because he didn’t now another word to explain. 😉

    WP started to update more and more – so user would like to have: make the updates easier- WP do it and now WP say:updates are easier we can update whenever we would like – it is a hairspring of tempo 😉

    You argue with features and I say:features good but updates to often – WP rushes me and not only me – and so I argue on another level as you, Justin.

    I love WP of its simplicity and fear that WP would become a next Typo3 – a big, very powerful software – but to complex for the *normal* user. Here a feature there a feature in the core and WP is on its best way to become a “big truck” and not a very elegant “roadster”. 😉


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  11. Mike Padgett
    Mike Padgett Published |

    I think what I love most about WordPress is the administration aspect of it.

    Many commercial web-based products – not just blogging software – could learn a lot from WordPress in that way. A toxic mix of complexity and profound naffness still continues to sink perfectly good concepts and as a UX professional I have yet to use a read-write interface with such a distinctive character. Even that old screenshot comes across better than a lot of today’s “cutting edge”!

    That said, I have not yet upgraded to 2.7 – I intend to do so in the next few days. I have concerns about the use of icons (of which I am more than a little suspicious) and this shift towards grey that seems to be happening, but I expect to be pleasantly surprised. The fact that I can have that expectation underlines that, for me at least, a WordPress upgrade can actually be an exciting experience. 😉

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  13. Mike Padgett
    Mike Padgett Published |

    Sorry, Justin. That was a bit presumptuous of me, wasn’t it? I should really download 2.7 and use it before I talk about grey 😉 I hope then that the WP team maintains that option in the future!

    I read somewhere that the colour grey is supposed to help you think better than any other colour. They’d done some tests back in the days when everyone had the best of intentions and wore hornrimmed spectacles.

    Evidently someone in my office took these findings rather literally. Both the carpet and the walls are the same tone of grey. Tilt your head through ninety degrees and everything looks pretty much the same 😉

    Thanks for letting me know anyway!

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  15. Tim
    Tim Published |

    I love wordpress. I have been using greymatter, pmachine, expression engine, blogger, and settled on wordpress since opensource is the best way to go! I am so impressed with the wordpress community I’d like to donate! It’s fantastic and as long as the automatic updates work, I am happy!

  16. Greg
    Greg Published |

    Wasn’t 1.5 out by May 2005? I upgraded from B2 in June/July 2004 and that was 1.2 days, I’m sure 1.5 came into play around February of 2005 and indeed 2.0 around the turn of that year

  17. Webdesign Regensburg
    Webdesign Regensburg Published |

    WordPress is a great tool! Why: you can use it as blog, als CMS for a professional website or for your personal use! The plugins are stable and secure! The new version has an auto-update-function and the themes are modern, stylish or crazy!

  18. Tagesgeldkonto
    Tagesgeldkonto Published |

    I use for all my blogs wordpress because its easy to administrate wordpress. I like it. The new auto update is great is saves a lot of time.


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