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  1. Lyndi
    Lyndi Published |

    This looks just grand. Got to download and have a look. Thanks for the information.

  2. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    sorry for asking for support here, but I just activated this plugin and my site went white. front and back end. not using your hybrid theme, but a custom theme.

    any other known incompatibilities?

  3. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    well, thx. then I’ll have to wait until I get home, connect with ssh and delete the widget files 🙁

  4. James Mann
    James Mann Published |

    Justin this looks great.

    Using the standard widgets only seems to mess up my blogs. This sounds like it may just solve that little problem.

    I have downloaded the zip file and will check it out right away. I have all my planned work done for the day already and it not even 8am yet, so I have plenty of time to play today.


  5. Brian Brandt
    Brian Brandt Published |

    This is a really nice and useful plugin. My not so saavy wp users will love the ability to configure stuff themselves.

    This should really be standard stuff in WP.

  6. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    ok, I foudn out what went wrong: I used an automatic plugin installer and it just dumped all files into my plugin directory. deleting them recovered my blog, but still I ma wondering how to properly install this plugin? there are no indications…

  7. Wordpress Plugin
    Wordpress Plugin Published |

    Plugins really make our life so easy. I simply love it.

  8. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    You just drop the unzipped widgets-reloaded folder into your plugins folder though. Isn’t this pretty standard for plugins?

    yes, thats pretty standard, but the download link above, does not seem to contain a folder 🙂 just a bunch of files….
    maybe you used a weird zip tool? I tried automatic isntallation of hte plugin, so it got unzipped on the server without a folder, and I opened it with winrar locally, no folder either… what zip tool did you use? can you check again?

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  10. Stu McLaren
    Stu McLaren Published |


    Thanks for sharing. I’ve hacked together several of my own plugins to provide similar functionality but I like this since it’s all contained into one.

    Greatly appreciate it.

    All the best.


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  13. Claude Gelinas
    Claude Gelinas Published |

    There nothing more frustrating than having little or no control over the preferences of a given widget but thanks to your awesome plug-in, playing with widgets is now a lot more fun… and productive!

  14. ChrisM
    ChrisM Published |

    Justin, I believe ovidiu (and possibly the auto-install plugin he used) were expecting your files to be in a folder, THEN compressed, meaning that decompressing the ZIP file would result in a single folder, with these files in it.

    widgets-reloaded.zip>All files directly in ZIP

    widgets-reloaded.zip>WidgetsReloaded folder, ZIPPED up, with >All files here.

    Plugin looks like a great idea, will be testing this out once I’ve upgraded my sites to WP2.7


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  20. privateisland.ca
    privateisland.ca Published |

    OMG, this look like a massive essential plugin, it as the categories widget premium functionality i have been searching for, and much more. Good to see something like this being released from a reputable source. Will report on it once i get to play around with it more.

    Thanks Justin


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  24. Brian Brandt
    Brian Brandt Published |

    Is it possible to somehow exclude a page when you are using the “archive” “postbypost” widget?
    Im pulling all post into the sidebar, and want some exclusions of some post, not necessarily from the same category … Am I better of using some other “coding” ?

  25. Gabriel
    Gabriel Published |

    Re: installation, this is how it worked for me:
    1. Created a ‘widgets-reloaded’ empty folder.
    2. Unzipped ‘widgets-reloaded.zip’ into that folder.
    3. FTP’d that folder into /public_html/wp-content/plugins
    This is a great plugin, very needed. It should come standard with WP.
    Thank you!

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  27. Brian Brandt
    Brian Brandt Published |

    Hmm.. I made a work around instead, where I pull the post from every category I choose. That way I can exclude some post from the list 🙂
    I explained it here (in danish, but you can see the code).

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  29. Brian Brandt
    Brian Brandt Published |

    No no, not to the widget :-). Just hardcoding it in to the sidebar.php.

  30. dave
    dave Published |

    nice work! thank you for building such incredible common sense into the configuration – its’ exactly what people have been hacking away at manually for years!

  31. privateisland.ca
    privateisland.ca Published |

    works like a charm, thanks again


  32. ulwan
    ulwan Published |

    Well I see that’s an impressive widget there.Thanks for making Wordpress much more easier to me.I appreciate your efforts. I sure will be waiting for your next widget here.!

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  34. Yael K. Miller
    Yael K. Miller Published |

    How do I change the Bookmarks title so instead of “Bookmarks” it says “My Other Companies?”

    It says we can order the links by “id.” Where are the links ids?

    Is there a way to extend the width of the search form?

    I would recommend that you reverse the position of the buttons “done” and “remove” since most people are right-handed, they have their mouses on the right side, and therefore more naturally click the button on the right side.

    Nice work on the widget, Justin.

  35. Yael K. Miller
    Yael K. Miller Published |

    Oops, sorry about the widget support questions. I’ll move over to the support forums.

    Although, the bookmarks question might be a bug report but I’m not sure.

  36. Maritn
    Maritn Published |

    Justin, in your “Cool Wordpress Stuff” box in the sidebar — are you using one of the Widgets Reloaded components? If so, which one?

  37. Ashley
    Ashley Published |


    just a quick question, I’ve use the widget reloader for ‘pages’, just woundering how I set the styles, as the opriginal sidebar styles have now disappeared ?

    Great plugin though.



  38. Ashley
    Ashley Published |

    Hi Justin

    To clarify if used a different theme I may not have the same problem ?



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  41. Thomas
    Thomas Published |

    Nice plug-in!

    As a feature request i would love to have an enable/disable button to every widget. If anyone knows how to disable the default widgets (eg. categorys, archive) i would be very thankful.

    Best regards

  42. JoSe
    JoSe Published |

    Hi Justin, do you know if it will conflict with your structure theme widgets ?


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  44. Brooke
    Brooke Published |

    great plugin. wish it included a text widget reloaded, with the same wysiwyg as the post page. media uploader and all.

  45. Joy
    Joy Published |

    Thanks for coding this plugin! I’ve wondered why the WordPress guys haven’t beefed up the widget page to support all the parameters.

    Did you somehow rename the widgets, though? When I activate the plugin with 3 standard widgets in my sidebar (categories, links, recent posts), it says there are 3 but only shows the recent posts one. As soon as I deactivate this plugin, all 3 are there again. I can work around it, but just wondered why it would be counting 3 but showing 1.

  46. Andrés Sanhueza
    Andrés Sanhueza Published |

    Is there a way to use the “Recent comments” widget with the plugin?

  47. Tim
    Tim Published |

    Justin, thank you for this much needed plug-in. May I suggest one feature that may be very useful. Often the home page shows the most recent 10 posts, adding a recent posts on the sidebar repeats these same 10 posts. I would have liked to see an option to skip any number of post from the beginning, I personally would have started at post 11. Your plug-in has “Limit” option, would it be possible to add an “Start At” option so the Recent Posts widget skips that number of posts.

    Thanks again.

  48. Sunny
    Sunny Published |

    The drop down option in categories widget is gone after installing Widgets Reloaded. How to get it back?

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  50. Brendon Kozlowski
    Brendon Kozlowski Published |

    Justin – Any chance you could add this to the Wordpress.org Codex so that the Wordpress community can much more easily FIND this, and perhaps raise its chances of being merged in to the core functionality of the Wordpress widgets?

    Using Google to find your widget was simply a stroke of luck, but I am still grateful!

  51. Mika
    Mika Published |

    Thanks for this plugin! Works great and does what it needs to do. However one new feature would be nice in future releases. I would like to be able to show the author of the posts when listing posts in a category. Once doing that there could be implemented also the time stamp data visibility check boxes.

  52. chicago web designer
    chicago web designer Published |

    I had a problem like Sunny had. I only really needed one part of this plugin and the rest made everything worse for me, but instead of just deactivating it, I modified it so that it didn’t mess with any of the other widgets.

  53. Google Slapper
    Google Slapper Published |

    Took me a while to get up and running, but was well worth the effort.

  54. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    I was just wondering if I am missing something here: my default wordpress widget for showing the most recent posts has disappeared so I reread all comments on this page here and some people are talking about that feature but I see there is no reloaded widget for that function 🙁 are you planning in beefing that one up too and have you any clues why that default widget would just disappear? I mean I checked the widgets.php file and the function is still there :-(?

  55. Gavin Peacock
    Gavin Peacock Published |

    Always on the look out for good wp plugins

    This is certainly one of the better ones

    much appreciated


  56. John Clooney
    John Clooney Published |

    This is a very handy plugin

    thanks very much for sharing


    John C

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  58. Mark Malone
    Mark Malone Published |

    Thank you for providing this plugin

    It has certainly made my life a lot easier

  59. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    hey there.
    I was wondering how I can get the bookmarks widget to display a title of my chosing and not simply “Bookmarks” as it seems to do by default.

  60. Cirurgia Plastica
    Cirurgia Plastica Published |

    The widget is really useful. Way better than default wordpress options. Thanks

  61. Kevin Weilbacher
    Kevin Weilbacher Published |

    Trying out your Calendar plugin. Display format of calendar seems to be ‘compressed’. Checked it out on IE7, IE8, Firefox3. Any ideas?

  62. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    well, i just noticed the same problem with the calendar so I was just wondering, if your calendar widget outputs the calendar the same way the original widget did? if so, it is indeed the theme formatting.

  63. Anja
    Anja Published |

    Took me a while to figure out how it works, but it’s awesome!

  64. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    excuse me? if your widget outputs and the original outputs of course there will be a difference, so unless your widget outputs the same structure as the originals, every theme has to be adapted, so your widget can only replace the originals if it keeps the same structure!

  65. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    ok, it seems there was something cut out of my comment. I said that if the original widget outputs i.e. a structure of lists within unordered lists and your plugin outputs i.e. lists within ordered lists, themes might have to have css code added for this if the theme developer only catered for the original structure and didn’t include any css for any other structure than default widgets would output.

    I don’t understand why you got so defensive in your first comment above, as you could have simply stated that you use the same structure, so the calendar output by your widget will look exactly the same as the original calendar’s widget output.

    Still, even with your temper, I do love your plugins 🙂 so usually I just avoid commenting on your site.
    cheers mate

  66. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu Published |

    🙂 its cool Justin. I don’t wanna argue. You do wonderful plugins. I remember another occurrence where I couldn’t get my point through to you, so lets leave it as is.
    My apologies.

  67. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu Published |

    hello Justin,

    another quick question: I noticed that when using your widgets, i.e. archive, the post count comes on a line by itsself, the source code looks like:

    do you have any idea what could be the reason why its not displayed on the same line?

  68. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    Is there a reason that the Bookmarks (links) widget doesn’t have an option to change the title?

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  70. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    hello Justin,
    I am using your widgets reloaded on a wpmu installation and it works perfect except for one blog, where the categories widget isn’t completely replaced, i.e. on that perticular blog, I see your categories widget and the original one as well and both work.

    any idea what could have happened to that one particular blog?

    btw. what I changed is that isntead of using the plugin commander to autoactivate your plugin, now I use the recently built in function in wpmu 2.7.2 to activate plugins site wide.

  71. Andrew Hunn
    Andrew Hunn Published |

    I am using Widgets Reloaded in the latest version of WPMU and am having issues with the Categories widget as well. I cannot get categories excluded for some reason and am at a loss as to what it might be.

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  73. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    Excellent plugin. Those default ones have been long overdue for a “reload”.


  74. WP Freak
    WP Freak Published |

    First off, love the plugin, lots of great enhancements to the standard widgets.

    I have a question about the “child_of” option under “pages”.

    What I want to do is only display the list of pages for the current section of the website. I have three nav items each with sub pages, so while viewing any page a specific section (parent or child) I want to see the page list in my widget for the parent and its children. The “child_of” field can accomplish this as a one-off, but it’s not dynamic.

    Is this possible?

  75. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Very smart solution.

    Widgets Reloaded !

    I was thinking if wordpress should have used these set of widgets instead of current ones.

    One big question though, the current version in wordpress plugin repository shown as Widgets-Reloaded-Version 0.1.2 and also stated that it’s compatible up to wordpress2.7.1

    But these widgets reloaded thing come bundled with hybrid theme version 0.6 which works flawlessly with wordpress 2.8.2

    So I was wondering if there is any update for this plugin ?
    or the current version (0.1.2) at the wordpress plugin page is already up to it?

    It would be great if Justin (or anybody who can) would help provide the confirmation regarding the compatibility ( with wp2.8.2 )

  76. Ben Huson
    Ben Huson Published |

    Hi Justin, Great plugin!

    I have one little wish…

    It would be great if it were possible to hook in to override some of the settings using a filter or something. For example, in the categories widget, the ability to filter the query just before wp_list_categories:

    $categories = apply_filters( ‘filter_widget_reloaded_categories’, $categories );

    I basically needed the power to customise the categories widget – which is why I used your plugin – and be to be able to exclude some pages under certain conditions (like wether a user was logged in or a cookie was set). Adding a filter as above to your plugin seemed to be the best way to do it, then I could just write a filter function to alter the include/exclude queries as needed.

    If you would consider adding such filters to the plugin I’m sure many WordPress developers would find it useful.

  77. Stephen
    Stephen Published |

    show_post_count doesn’t seem to be working in the latest version.

  78. Ben Huson
    Ben Huson Published |


    This is a great plugin – I can’t believe that I only started using it a short time ago!
    A few little bugs I noticed with the most recent release:

    1. Where is my Recent Posts widget? You seem to have disabled it but not provided an alternative – or am I not looking in the right place?

    2. The naming conventions do not tie in to the WordPress way of naming things. I spent a while looking for the Links widget which you have renamed to Bookmarks. Would it be better to stick with the same naming conventions?

    Other than that, all great – keep up the good work

  79. ian
    ian Published |

    Good comments thanks The widget is really useful. Way better than default wordpress options. Thanks

  80. freedimensional
    freedimensional Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Loving your work. You totally kill it.
    One thing – why can’t I ‘show_post_count’ on your widgets any more?


  81. Dawn
    Dawn Published |

    I’m not able to find the Recent Posts widget either since the most recent upgrade to 0.2

  82. Akif
    Akif Published |

    Thats just PERFECT. Before, i wouldn’t think to use any widget in my site but i do now..

  83. Agung
    Agung Published |

    This plugin works fine, my site became rapidly rising traffic by installing this plugin, I use wordpress 2.8.5 version, is still working when I upgraded to the new version, thanks

  84. andri
    andri Published |

    how to hide the widget on homepage?

  85. Matt
    Matt Published |

    Hi, great! thanks!

    However, any reason why I dont see my LINKS widget anymore listed ?
    How can I do?


  86. Frank P. Walentynowicz
    Frank P. Walentynowicz Published |

    I’m using widgets-reloaded version 0.2 on WordPress 2.9. I’ve noticed that since WP 2.8.6 advanced widgets created by plugin lost ability to save options represented by checkboxes. Apparently WordPress function checked fails to echo proper checked attribute into form code. I’ve replaced the following code for all checkboxed inputs (example from bookmark.php):


    and that solved all problems.

  87. Frank P. Walentynowicz
    Frank P. Walentynowicz Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Would it be safe to assume that you are not interested in supporting widgets-reloaded anymore? Since rather heated argument with ovidiu you didn’t answer any questions here. And that is half a year already. Simple answer yes or no will be appreciated.


  88. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Hey Justin, i was writing in other posts of yours, but today i needed this plugin and i found it on google… thats great, thanks 🙂

    greetings, nagradne igre

  89. Chaitanya
    Chaitanya Published |

    Awesome!! just what I was looking for since three hours!!! uff..

    Thank you so much

  90. Alp
    Alp Published |

    Hi.. thanks for that amazing plugin.
    I want to ask that is it possible to exclude/include some categories from Archives Widget?
    I mean i want to show the last 10 posts from only desired catgories in sidebar.

    1. cfibanez
      cfibanez Published |

      I have the same issue. But Justin has not been here since May 2009, so I think it’s pretty hopeless.

  91. Sunu mariam
    Sunu mariam Published |

    I am using hybrid framework in one my blogs.. hireloans.com but i never thought i can get it as a plugin for my other blogs as well ..thanks.

  92. Tim
    Tim Published |

    I really like the drop-down option of the standard categories widget but I like the ability to exclude certain categories.

    Would be nice if I could have my cake and eat it!

  93. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Hey Justin, thanks for the great plugin. I’m getting a PHP warning with the latest update which I was able to patch rather easily. Not sure if it has to do with my setup or not – I’m running 3.0.1 with a multi-domain setup.

    The warnign occurs in widget-pages.php, lines 46-48. instead of isset($instance[‘authors’]), i replaced each of those three lines with is_array($instance[‘authors’]) . I don’t know if there’s a deeper problem as to why those values are not arrays as the code expects. But, anyway, this fixes the warning for me. I hope it might help with the next udate.

    thanks again!

  94. Galen
    Galen Published |

    Just what I was looking for – thanks Justin.

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  96. Shrikant Joshi
    Shrikant Joshi Published |

    Stupid question, maybe, but how do I get the categories to display as a dropdown instead of a list? There’s no option, currently. I tried looking into the code but being a total n00b, I’m a little terrified of screwing it up royally.

    Any help is appreciated! 🙂

    BTW, thanks a zillion for all your efforts… 🙂


  97. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    I want to just display the parent category and have a drop down list of the child categories. Is this possible?

  98. Shonari
    Shonari Published |

    I dont see the option to have a category dropdown instead of a list.

  99. Raymond Parker
    Raymond Parker Published |

    I’d also like to have a dropdown instead of list for categories.

  100. Matt
    Matt Published |

    I would really like the option to have the dropdown again please!

  101. ahmadshorif
    ahmadshorif Published |

    I need a plugin that will show calender and when i click a date of the calender then it will show the post of the pages of the specific category.
    But above plugin will helpful for my future task.

  102. Kent
    Kent Published |

    Hi Justin, great work, I’ve came here via link from berchman.com, and read herein this plug in is only compatible with 2.7? Is that right. I’m running 3.3.2. Any other possibilities on this?

    Cheers, and thanks,

  103. Kent
    Kent Published |

    When attempting to download from WP dashboard, I get this Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress. And this:
    Last Updated: 603 days ago
    Requires WordPress Version: 3.0 or higher
    Compatible up to: 3.0.5

    Guess I’ll give it a try and see. Thanks for the reply.

  104. Rudd
    Rudd Published |

    Seems like this plugin is not updated for such a long time.
    Would be great if you could spend some time updating it, or at least give us some other alternative plugins?

  105. Cristobal
    Cristobal Published |

    Sorry for my English. Thanks, greatly improves the Widgets. I think wordpress should improve that part on its platform.

  106. Ron Strilaeff
    Ron Strilaeff Published |

    Just a couple of things Justin:
    1. Thanks for creating this plugin.
    2. The “Plugin URI” value inside the widgets-reloaded.php file goes to a 404 page on this site.. (upload date folder got changed), so it may be hard for people to find support.
    3. I think this site should have a search feature since you have LOTS of interesting plugins and ideas but it is hard to find anything in particular.

  107. Tural
    Tural Published |

    Thanks for plugin. Very best plugin. i want this style :'( please help me.

    i want style http://u1312.hizliresim.com/1j/y/w1k5k.png

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